• Yes i believe they do

    Homeless people deserve a home maybe in a shelter even but they deserve to live freely and deserve to live and not die. They also deserve food and water so they don't die of hunger and starvation. BUT they also need lot's of water and food so they survive in the streets

  • Everyone in the United States does have the right to own a home.

    Everyone in the United States does have the right to own a home. However, with the economy the way it has been going most people are having to give up their homes because they can not afford them. I think it is a shame that we can go off and fight wars in different countries but can not provide for our own people.

  • YES... With a but

    If someone wants to buy a house, they would still have to go to a bank and still pay taxes, HOWEVER here is my condition. If the bank has to foreclose on a property, they HAVE to sell the property to a private person or family who owns no more than lets say 4 properties in there name AND at a MAXIMUM OF 10% BELOW the (Privately assessed) estimated value of the property. Reasons for this will keep from having such a huge bubble. If after lets say 90 days no one wants to purchase the property, then the bank will be able to sell it at 10% above the estimated value of the property to anyone who wants it. For 90 days. If after that no one still wants it, the bank can do whatever they have to do to recover the cost of the property. Done this way I believe that it will allow for people to own property and be fair for years to come. Also the payments SHOULD be done at a fair level (IE: if you have a payment half should be going towards the principal all the time and half could be interest). The current system allows for too much interest to be accumulated by banks.

  • We have the right, but that doesn't mean you have the means

    I do agree that everyone has the right to own a home in the United States. This does not, however, mean that everyone actually has the financial means to own a home. If you are able and meet the qualifications that are set, there is no rule that states you can not own your own home.

  • Right against renting

    The market for both home rentals and ownership is predatory for different reasons, unfortunately, but even the poorest among us have the right to purchase a home so they don't have to deal with the uncertainty of renting. Many homes are purchased on loans, which resulted in a market bubble and crash when they were given out to unqualified candidates, and these home loans are no different than the rental state. The market needs to disallow events like this from occurring, and the cost of home ownership needs to level itself out.

  • No, of course not.

    Owning your own home may be a dream for some but it is not a right nor is it what every single person or family desires. What we should say instead is that everyone in the United States has the right to a clean and safe place to live, whether apartment or house.

  • Home ownership is not a right.

    No, not everyone in the United States does not have the right to own a home, because a person doesn't have the right to take someone else's land, labor, or resources, just by the fact that they exist. Not everyone can afford to own a home. Owning a home is not a right in our constitution.

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