• Yes, everything happens for a reason except for one thing.

    I mean, seriously, trees and buildings don't just fall down because they feel like it. Everything is caused directly or indirectly by someone or something. I'm pretty sure that the universe didn't create itself because it felt like it. Someone or something must have caused us to exist. Same thing when you apply it to physics. Things don't fall on the ground because that object decided to. Even if people say that he/she did *blah blah blah* for no reason. Technically no, there is a reason why he did it whether he/she was mentally ill, he wanted to do that for entertainment, or whatever it is he thought of consciously. The only exception to this thing is unconscious behavior. But, if you take it literally, that can be used as a reason. But, eh, I really don't care.

  • Obviously,...? Everything is a Domino.

    Everything on earth is a domino.
    Have Newton not stated that an object does not move unless acted upon by a force?
    The world evolves around the same idea. If one thing happens, it has side effects. If nothing happens(for instance if time stops), then nothing will happen because there is no root of that event. Even madmen act because they were influenced to, whether by circumstances, mania, or some other unknown reason. However, there is always a cause to make an effect. Give me a counterexample. I bet that there is not any.

  • God is trash he doesn"t exist

    My supporting arguement is that god is a LIAR and there is absolutely no proof that GOD wrote the bible. There is proof a man named Jesus Christ walked the earth but most likely he was a delusional man. You FUCKING losers. Why believe in god when you can believe in nothing. Honestly PATHETIC.

  • Everything is inevitable.

    This does not mean that everything is done on purpose or even for a good reason. Even in what some see as chaos, it was still inevitable. Look at what some call the butterfly effect, where something small like a butterfly flapping it's wings in one country can effect weather patterns in another. Thing is, the butterfly was always going to flap it's wings at that place and time because of events that lead up to it meant that it would. Because those event happened, the weather was always going to be as it turned out.

  • No it does not

    Why would everything happen for a reason when your actions tell what is going to happen. I mean seriously me choosing to have porridge this morning is NOT foretold, Now is it? The real question is not that but why people think that is the first place. Thanks for reading

  • It's absolutely absurd to believe that.

    No, everything doesn't have a reason behind it. Is there a good reason why little kids are getting molested or people getting murdered? NO. It's a preposterous idea to believe that everything happens for a reason because so many absolutely atrocious things occur daily around the world. "Everything happens for a reason" is an absolutely horrendous quote because there is no reason why a child should be a soldier, a person should be raped, or people starving to death each day.

  • What happens is a very broad set of things while what should happen is a very narrow set of things.

    That being said if everything happens for a reason it isnt a good reason. Not to mention people who believe this believe in free will which is the ability to act and govern ones self without the constraints of necessity and fate. If everything happens for a reason then everything happens according to a plan. If everything happens according to a plan then we do what we do because god planned for us to do it and not because we chose to do it. If we have free will then things happen for our reasons which arent almost ever good reasons. So are things happening for our reasons because we are in control or for gods reasons because he is in control? The thing i hate about this belief is that it leaves no room for change. If you think everything happens for a reason then your happy about everything including the bad because even the bad happens for a good reason. So if that is the case then why do we change things? People have so many contradicting beliefs its rediculous. They think we need change while everything happens for a reason. That is a contradiction. And some people dont think we need change because they think that everything happens for a divine reason. So they do nothing to prevent bad things from happening because they believe everything is happening for a reason. Also if everything happens for a reason then there isnt truely any bad in the world and the bible also says that we shouldnt do many things and since they happen and everything happens for a reason god must then want them to happen so why would we be punished for doing them? Its a contradiction. If the results of what we are doing are good then the act isnt bad its good. The bible also says that sex is bad while the results of it are good and intended by god. It says god made every kid exactly the way that they are. Now how can this be if he didnt intend on us having sex with multiple partners? If the results of sex are good and intended by a perfect god then sex isnt bad. Another contradiction that is just like everything happens for a reason and the belief in evil. If everything is happening for a good reason as part of gods perfect plan then nothing is wrong with the world, we don’t need to change anything, whatever happens is ok, and we don’t have free will anyways so nothing we do is our faults. This is just as dumb as the saying its never too late or never say never or the more things change the more they stay the same. Lol people are stupid. This was my question btw.

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