Does evil and suffering mean there is no God?

Asked by: sheaallan
  • Why would there be a God

    If God really existed would there be such thing as Rape, molestation and pedophilia, well seen as God created everything he created suffering and hunger and the ability to kill.
    Really if God wanted us all in his image then why are we all different, did he change his mind half way through creating us all and think to himself, no i don't like red, everyone can have brown, blue, grey and green eyes instead.
    Again if God is real why does everyone just assume its a he, have you never heard the song "God is a girl".
    And really, what is the point in creating the Devil, yeah we all know that Lucifer was an angel at first but then disagreed with God and got condemned to hell, does that mean when anyone disagrees with God will suddenly be condemned to hell for eternity. What if hell is a better place then heaven, come on think about it, only extremists are in heaven right now
    the main arguments against God are
    1. Evil:
    Evil exists, God cannot be all-powerful. All-knowing and loving and good at the same time. E.G. nobody chooses to be attracted to a 12 year old
    2. Pain:
    God allows pain, disease and natural disasters to exist, he cannot be all-powerful and also loving and good in the human sense of these words. E.G. The Japan tsunami and earthquake, why not just stop the disaster and save millions of people from being injured thousands from being killed
    3. Injustice:
    Destinies are not allocated on the basis of merit or equality. They are allocated either arbitrarily, or on the principle of "to him who has, shall be given, and from him who has not shall be taken even that which he has." It follows that God cannot be all-powerful and all-knowing and also just in the human sense of the word. This explains its self
    4. Multiplicity:
    Since the Gods of various religions differ widely in their characteristics, only one of these religions, or none, can be right about God. E.G. Muslims believe that Allah is the one and only God but Christians Believe in God as God
    5. Simplicity:
    Since God is invisible, and the universe is no different than if he did not exist, it is simpler to assume he does not exist. E.G.We cant see God so he isn't there

  • There is no light without a dark to compare it to.

    If we constantly lived in a world where suffering was not, we would never know how brilliant happiness and hope is because there is no bad to compare it to. God is not necessarily a big light that says 'Hey, I'm God and I'm gonna make it ALL better!'- He is that little voice that whispers in your ear to say, 'Hey, I'm here with you every step of the way.' That is hope. Patients with depression who are on anti-depressant meds often say they experience complete numbness because they have no downs to compare the ups to and make them actually feel something. The downs magnify the ups.

  • No but it means something else

    It doesn't necessarily mean god isn't real. Just that god is different than what we think god is like. Most people believe god is omniscient meaning he is
    -all good
    -all powerful
    -all knowing

    But the existence of evil means either that god doesn't exist or that god isn't omniscient. Maybe he isn't all good, or all knowing, or all powerful.

  • Of course not.

    If the universe were ruled by a malevolent god, there would be a lot of evil and suffering. Therefore, evil and suffering cannot possibly prove that there is no god. There is no way we can really be certain, though everyone should act on what they believe to be true.

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