• I 100% believe we all have both. It just needs to be brought out.

    I've seen the sweetest, kindest, most loving women (my grandmother) turn into the actual spitting image of Satan. What cause this? Methadone Withdraw. I've seen some of my best friends turn into monsters due to trauma, drugs, etc. The underlying similarity is that the evil was in them all along, it just had to be brought out. I consider myself a very kind, giving. Selfless person, however I know I could tear my enemy into pieces if it came to that. And as bad as this sounds, I would enjoy it. Doesn't make me a bad person, doesn't make me a good person. I guess were all both deep down.

  • I hate men

    Every day i wake up and i devise a new plan to kill my next door neighbor ( who happens to be a GIRL HATING MALEIST). I have 17 nerfguns beside my door, so if he every knocks ill be able to destroy him. I kicked his dog in the ribs because he barked at a FEMALE cat. I search for little children at the library to convert them to the ways of the feminist. I hold i feminist club every weekend to teach all the girls in my town how to take out a sexiest man. If you are a man, watch out because ill end your life. I AM EVIL

  • Evil exists in everyone, but so does good.

    Without evil, good would not be idealized. Like, look at a rainbow. We see a rainbow and its gorgeous colors and we are enamored, but what if everything was rainbow? We would look at that same miraculous illusion and see nothing but a simple streak in the sky. You can't appreciate love without hate and you can't appreciate the beauty in people without knowing that there is ugliness in the souls of others. Evil exists in everyone, but not everyone exists in evil.

  • We live in hell

    Not only is it evidence that humans are constantly in wars, and find violence entertaining, but the world we live in, which is objectively the absolute of pure innocence, is destroyed by the human instinct to destroy landscapes and eat animals. Because this is an argument of morality, if you looked at how God fits in, it's unlikely He/She would create a world where human impulse is the innate evil actions of destruction. Therefore, I think we are living in hell, a place where evil, or humans, prevail.

  • Humans are selfish and evil

    All humans are selfish and at the end of the day no matter how many good acts you have done you are always tempted to do the wrong thing sure maybe we arent born like that, but we all grow up and have an evil side, its almost impossible to be comletly virtues

  • Everyone is evil, just depends on how much so.

    Human beings are selfish and always try to blame others. That is why so many people are wrongly accused of murder, people need to find someone in order to blame other wise it won't work. Take example Darryl Hunt. He was wrongly accused of murder and rape, and was forced to go to prison. In 1994, Hunt was actually cleared of the rape when DNA testing proved he had never committed that crime. Despite the rape being central to the overall crime, he spent an additional nine years in prison until a man named Willard Brown confessed to both acts.

  • "ALL have sinned," Romans 3:23. "For there is no man that sinneth not." - 1 Kings 8:46.

    The potentiality for evil is oftentimes more frightening to consider than the actuality of evil. With actuality, you deal with definite and tangible circumstances; with potentiality, they are far more vast and complicated. I believe every single person, being the biological descendants from Adam, is born a sinner as the Scripture emphatically tells us throughout, and that even our good works are soiled with the taints of self-righteousness and hypocrisies. "All their works they do for to be seen of men," Jesus said about the Pharisees. There is no one person that does absolutely good, both in deed AND intention, whether towards God or towards their fellow man. However, in answer to the question, "Does evil exist in everyone?" I also believe that though everyone is born with the element of evil, not everyone is as evil as they potentially can be. That is, the potentiality of evil is so vast and complicated that there has never been an individual who has exhausted every potential method and manner of evil which he/she could have possibly used. As evil as we make Hitler, for example, to have been (and I am in no way downplaying his atrocities), we forget that had he had greater power and greater influence through his deceptions, he would have killed millions of more people. Evil, like a rolling ball down a hill, gains its momentum until it meets with resistance and hindrances; it does not mean evil no longer exists, but it has been subdued for some time. But in agreement to what other people on this post have already written, given the right time and opportunity, evil can and does find its way to resurface its hideous and deceptive features. That is why I don't believe that people "change," in the sense of circumstances and life occurrences have caused them to change from someone "good" into someone evil and bad; circumstances are merely opportunities to manifest those evil hidden elements of that individual, that which was already in them has now come to light. That is also why many of us can do, say, think, listen to, and look at things now which maybe only 5 or 10 years ago would have been repulsive to us. That is not a night and day change, but certain elements have factored in to charm the evil within us to come out, like a snake that is charmed to music. Take for example, temptations: temptations are not evil, and it is not evil to be tempted; Jesus was tempted, yet He was without any sin. Temptations, however, present the opportunity to either choose good or to choose evil. However, with the natural propensity in our hearts to do evil, we are likely to choose the evil unless situations hinder it. That is why Jesus told His disciples to pray, "lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil," because He knew fully that we would choose the evil if the opportunity were presented to us.

  • Evil exists in everyone.

    While not everyone is "evil," everyone has the innate ability to be evil. This is simply because, by nature, people are selfish. People do what they must do to save themselves or their loved ones. Throughout history, with events such as the atomic bombings, the Holocaust, and civil wars, it has shown us that people will do whatever they have to do to feel safe, secure, and in power.

  • The capability of acting upon evil.

    That is what everyone has. There are always those thoughts there in the back of someone's mind, even if they don't know it. The people who chose to acknowledge and act upon those thoughts are the ones we call evil, and the ones that never see it there or have the morals and self control to know it isn't right are those we label good.

  • Yes. Evil is us.

    The evil sits in us and we inherited it in every cell of our body. This inheritance is perhaps by design, but for sure it is just part of design of nature. Good example of this design is the fact that everything eats everything…look at your own plate and if you are not vegetarian….Blood of other species is in your mouth. Most of us would argue that killing animals for survival is not evil, but in the same time they would agree that abusing animals is inhumane. Is killing the highest form of abuse of any kind?
    We think of evil as extreme behavior like violence, murder, rape, sexual molestation of children etc. and we rationalize our own small evil behavior, behavior we do to survive, to have a better job, to have more sexual partners and we do not see it because we mix that behavior with noble ones like working hard and taking care of our family, helping neighbors or contributing to our charities…
    Evil is us, we may not actually invented it, but we were forced to it at one time to survive. There is the light in the end of the tunnel, I hope. Evolution perhaps will take a spiritual turn at some point.

  • We are all 100% good including hitler

    Even though some of us seem completely evil like hitler or stallen they are just very wounded but when we are born we and this includes all animals and trees we are very good because there is no fate saying you are you good or evil only fate saying we are all good. Infact evil does not exist there are only wounded people who are very sad

  • I don't think so

    I believe that evil is something that is learned throughout life. If you take a look at a baby, you can't say it is good or evil. I think humans aren't intrinsically either one of them but learn to be "good" or "evil" as a result of them experiencing the world and developing their moral codes, etc.

  • No, not everyone

    I believe that there are the very few people who actually use their capacity for evil, rather than having evil. Most people in our world aren't evil, or don't act upon anything.I think that evil is in the intent, rather than the idea. Nobody is perfect, and everyone will have thoughts to maybe hurt someone, but most people will never act upon that idea. I believe that evil is in the intent to do harm, or damage, rather than the idea.

  • No, not everyone.

    No, I do not believe that evil exists in everyone. However, I believe that the potential for evil exists in everyone. If under the right circumstances, that potential for evil could turn into something more. But I think that there are a lot of truly good people in the world that this never happens to.

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