• If there is genuine evil, then God exists.

    This is because if evil really exists, the objective morals exist. But if objective morals exist, then God exists - if we observe objective morals, then they must come from a transcendent being (I.E God)
    So it just seems illogical for an atheist to be arguing that because evil exists, God can't - they are actually just affirming God's existence.

  • I think if a God

    Doesn't exist, there would be no evil, because there would be no good to counter it. All would be evil making evil good, so it's really a paradox. . . . But if you take a while to understand it, there actually has to be a higher power above humans.

  • It doesn't prove anything except that people will commit actions to violate other peoples rights.

    The fact that some people will violate other people rights would only give credence to putting in measures to directly prevent other peoples rights from being harmed.

    Now, if you want to talk about the existence of a deity, basic physics can automatically show that any culturally defined god can't exist on a fundamental level, as they are contradictions to how reality functions.

    If a deity was defined as "having the capability to communicate with another individual thousands of miles away", then anyone with a cell phone or a computer with the internet would be deemed a diety.

  • Evil supports the nonexistence of a God, if anything,

    I'm just going to assume this is referring to a Christian God for the sake of this opinion.
    There can't be an omniscient, omnipotent, all-loving, and compassionate being while there is still evil in the world.
    For example: A child is about to be raped. Your God basically sits back and goes: "I'm just gonna let you finish up what you're doing here, and then you'll be punished in the afterlife."
    That's absolutely asinine. If a human being did that, he'd be in prison.

    I've heard the free will argument a ton of times, but frankly, the free will argument is hypocritical coming from the people who believe in a God that says: "Believe in me or I'll torture you forever!"
    How is that free will? I suppose if someone points a gun to your head and says: "Give me your wallet or I'll shoot!" is also giving you a choice in the matter, correct?

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themohawkninja says2014-02-21T17:44:41.917
One must define 'evil' first.
Human_Joke65 says2014-02-21T18:53:07.707
The absence of good, the fraudulence that imitates good, the perversion of good, the wannabe good, etc.
themohawkninja says2014-02-21T19:41:25.067
Okay then. What is 'good'?
Human_Joke65 says2014-02-21T19:56:05.377
Only one who knows good intimately and perfectly can offer an uncontaminated definition of good.
themohawkninja says2014-02-21T20:01:22.353
So then the only way that anyone can possible answer this opinion is to have an intimate, perfect, and uncontaminated definition of the term 'good'.

Judging by the content of that statement, I'm going to assume that you are saying that only one without sin can answer such a question, which (from what I understand about religion) means that nobody on the face of the Earth is capable of answering your opinion.

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