• "Survival of the Fittest" as a concept rewards "evil" as a concept:

    The entire point of SotF, which makes it a crock, is that acting in selfishness regardless of outcome is the best idea therefore it's just as corrupt to help someone as it is to kill another someone since in the end personal benefit is the only gain one seeks anyway. If evolution really does work off the principle SotF then yes by nature it rewards that conniving attitude towards life since propagation and proliferation are the goals and all.

  • This can be explained both by science AND philosophy.

    1) Evolution is nothing but an explanation of biodiversity and ability to adapt. It shows how we descended from a common ancestor to other species. It is not some cult. It is in work without us noticing. If you have certain superior abilities, you are more likely to get a job that you applied for. The larger your wage, the more likely for you to find a mate, and you are more likely to look for one of a similar income. You will have offspring that is more likely to also have a good job because of its genetics, and your success, since you don't want someone to leech off you. Of course, it is sometimes out of experience and hard work, instead of hereditary. Those with those superior traits will thrive, while those with not as beneficial genes will continue, but slowly die off (ie, more likely to something stupid like drive at high speeds or try to land a jump that is likely to kill them. Laws are what are keeping them alive, but yet, they still do it)
    2) There is not good or evil: it depends on who you ask, and the time period. Hitler was "evil" because of killing Jews, but also conducted Germany to build advanced technology. He get automobiles into mass production. The Germans invented the jet engine, for the FSM's sake! If He played the game of war correctly (and didn't do drugs), we'd likely already have much more advanced technology.
    "History is written by the victors" - Winston Churchill

  • No, evolution is just a scientific description of observed reality.

    Evolution is the simple fact that genetic mutations gain or lose prevalence in the gene pool based upon selection pressures from the environment, producing gradual change over time. This is absolutely amoral and has no bearing on human morality.

    In human behavior, evolution has actually likely produced our morality. We are social animals, and like almost every social species, we have evolved a set of innate norms that allow us to live in close proximity without killing each other.

  • Evolution does not reward evil.

    Evil is a relative term. I, for one, would cycle between Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil, but I'm very good at what I do.
    Evil, at its core, is hurt for the sake of causing hurt, or personal gain, especially when alternatives are present.
    An example would not be amiss here.
    I suddenly gain superpowers. If I were to go out and punch someone in the face, and not gain anything from it, that would be evil. Also, if I were to punch someone in the face and take their stuff, that would also be evil.
    If I am the only thing between people and a massive eldritch abomination, and I need to take their stuff to fend off the abomination, that is not evil, but pragmatism, because the small evil wards off something infinitely more hostile to the people I'm watching over.

  • This is just adding more detail to my question

    Does evolution reward evil? When I say evil im meaning antisocial behaviours such as lying, cheating, sadism, dominance, murder, hate, selfishness, unempathetic, ect. And no im not a religious moron like Ken Ham, i know evolution is real. My question is really asking if evolution rewards what would normally be deemed evil and is natural then why is our society against it if its natural?
    Again the question I ask is not what, but why?

  • Well, Blatantly not

    Humans are social animals (as I'm sure you know) Which means that we need contact and approval from other people. If we were to do things that are considered "evil" by our tribe, we would be exiled and therefore unable to have sex with people, which is how we reproduce (in case you didn't know). If we can't reproduce we've lost at evolution... So no, evolution does not support being evil

  • It simply doesn't

    Lets look at this in the perspective of a bird shall we. When a bird evolves, do you think it is aware that it is being evil in outcompeting other birds? Do you think the bird is even aware on what evil is? For us humans, sure, evolution may seem evil in a way. But remember that evil is subjective.

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