Does excessive gaming deprive gamers of their social skills?

Asked by: Equaliser
  • It worked with my brother

    My brother is at a wilderness program right now and one of the reasons why was because he used video games all the time. When he id, he had about two friends. Video games bring you into your own world. No doubt. Some people don't get addicted but if you play video games all the time there's no way you aren't. Since he's been at that program, he's been friends with everyone there and has become more social. You become more aware of the space around you and have more conversations without video games. So to me it has been proven that it's worked.

  • Lack of social practices

    As gamers spend more time on gaming, they are experiencing a virtual world of games and they lack the time to carry out a face to face conversation as they spend most of their time on games. These gamers lack the constant practice of observing people's body language, tone of voice and even the ability to carry out a decent conversation. Although gamers do get to make friends in games and communicate with them. However, these are not true friends but acquaintances that shares the same common interests with you, gaming. Therefore, excessive gaming does cause deprivation of adequate social skills.

  • Not necessarily true...

    Many games are single player in the world, but that doesn't mean you're antisocial for being a hardcore gamer. The most hardcore go to conventions specifically for these games and to talk about them, which is purely social. Also there is the fact that MMOs of all kinds are taking the world stage by storm and are connecting people and bringing them together like never before. Some of these MMOs even require social interaction in order to complete certain tasks and missions, which is especially true for games such as Pokemon GO.

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