Does executing terrorists grant their wishes by making them martyrs?

  • Exactly who is winning?

    Is it the suicide bomber who we already know to feel honoured and validated by sacrificing them self to their cause? Who we already know will inspire countless other to do the same in the name of their ideology? Or is it the supposedly democratic state who have just given the terrorists validation for their hatred by having another dead Muslim on their hands?

  • Martyrs are easier to fight for

    Not only does it fulfill their wishes, as a martyr it will grant an entire ideology a cause to unite behind. Besides the fact that the death penalty is wrong for everyone and trying to rehabilitate any criminal is the most humane cause of action. Who is the right side when a terrorist is beheading someone or a state hired executioner is.

  • Don't execute them, kill them where they stand.

    Putting terrorists in prison will not change their ideology. This is about self preservation. I am not Jewish but I agree with their policies. Liberals will say that another will take their place. I still trim my fingernails even though they will grow back. Look at the religion of peace, where are they to condem the actions of the extremists the are hiding behind their "religion" they give their own a free pass because they are muslim. They are just as much the problem because they do nothing. Europe has enough of a problem with muslim clerics wanting to make Europe a Muslim state. Let's NOT let that happen in the United States.

  • Call it what you want. This is self preservation.

    The reason you put people in prison is to rehabilitate. You are never going to change their way of thinking. Isreal takes the right actons and I'm not even Jewish. The liberals say if you kill terrorists another will take their place. I clip my fingernails even though I know they will grow back. An even bigger question is where is the religion of peace, shouldn't they condem the actions of the "extremists". They don't, they keep giving a free pass because they will protect their own. They are just as guilty as those who commit the acts of terror. The United States should NOT have the same problems with muslim clerics that Europe has, but we are headed to that road.

  • Martyr A person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs.

    Basically killing them is gonna cause more to rise because they died for their religious beliefs, in America people think killing terrorist is gonna end terrorism but you cant stop terrorism that it might slow the process but more will come to fill that 1 dead martyr terrorist in what seems to be an endless cycle that were not winning just look at our past war thousands of American die and trillions of dollar spent in what seem to be what Osama wanted.

  • When a person wants to die, execution is not much of a punishment.

    It can be hard to find a balance for justice against such horrible acts. Many people may wish to simply execute the terrorists, so they no longer exist. But, when you are dealing with people who see the world through an extreme religious viewpoint, rational responses do not necessarily work. Terrorists believe that they will be rewarded in death. They believe that not only will it aid their cause, but it will also bring them eternal rewards in the afterlife. From both standpoints, secular and religious, execution is exactly what the terrorist wants.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • Executing terrorists does grant them their wish by making them martyrs, because it is fulfilling their wish to be one.

    Even if one does not subscribe to the beliefs of terrorists, one is still fulfilling the terrorist's wish to attain martyrdom by executing them. They, the terrorists, are being executed because of their religious beliefs, which is the very definition of martyrdom: being scorned or punished for one's beliefs, religious, or otherwise. By executing the terrorists, we are contradicting our goal of deterring terrorism and vindicating the terrorists and their worldview. By executing these terrorists, we lose, and they win.

    Posted by: GoodJerold49
  • Executing terrorists does not grant their wish by making them martyrs, as it only insures that they won't hurt innocent people.

    Executing a terrorist only insures that the terrorist will no longer be a threat to innocent civilians who would otherwise be targeted, if this person were allowed to live. Martyrdom is in the eye of the beholder and, if we win the war on terror, then no terrorists will be seen as martyrs, so long as we establish good relationships with foreign countries.

    Posted by: WiseEllsworth
  • No, I do not think executing terrorists will grant their wishes by making them martyrs, because they are not able to carry out their work.

    No, I do not think executing terrorists will grant their wishes by making them martyrs, because they are not able to carry out their work. One of the definitions of a martyr is to inflict torment over religious beliefs. In this case, terrorists are not able to carry out their viscous work.

    Posted by: SecondNoel50
  • Executing terrorists does not make them martyrs, because only by them killing themselves, innocent people, and creating terror in their victims, are they made martyrs.

    I think that, if you stop them from carrying out their plan, then they won't be martyred. Even if it does make them a martyr, it is still one less terrorist who can carry out a bombing that could kill many innocent people. Martyrdom is an arbitrary concept designed to give the opposition no way of killing the enemy.

    Posted by: TiresomeLorenzo
  • If we execute terrorists, we do not grant their wishes, because although they are martyrs, they just can not continue doing their work.

    If we execute a terrorist, he may or may not be mentioned on the news. The fact that he is a martyr is very short lived and therefore his legacy does not live long. If however he would have continued living, he would have continued creating chaos in the world, which is more of his wish than being a martyr.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Perception does not trump reality.

    They may believe they are martyrs, but they will soon find out when they meet their maker and wind up in hell that they are not. The reality is much harsher for them, we just need to fight the perception of their twister miconception here among the world of the living.

  • A person who really wants to die commits suicide.

    A true martyr is a suicide bomber. It is easiest to conceal a bomb on or within your own person. Do perform a terrorist act without killing yourself requires careful thought and planning as the attempt for the escape of the terrorist is intended. Therefore, there is no such thing as granting the wish of another by killing them unless they are in a situation where they canNot commit suicide.

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