• Yes, exorcism works.

    Exorcism works because there have been cases documented by clergy and witnesses. I don't think this has to be an everyday occurrence to be a real thing that will work. I believe possession is possible so I definitely want to believe an exorcism would work to rid the body of a demon.

  • No

    No I do not think exorcisms work because I do no believe in them period. I do not think people can become possessed by an evil spirit that needs to be removed from them. I think the ones that have been shown on TV are fake and staged for that particular show.

  • Exorcism a hoax?

    Although I am not an expert in exorcism and haven't had any experience with it, I don't believe it works. I'm sure if exorcism really worked, it would be way more controversial and talked about than it is today. People believe things that are heavily proved and exorcism isn't one of them.

  • No god therefore no exorcism

    Demon possesion and exorcism are abusive lies inflicted on the mentally ill and those with lifestyles outside the Catholic church. There continued existence is just further proof that religious Americans are not in their right mind and should be put into their place before they destroy even more lives then they have.

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