• Yes it does

    Yes, I think that experimental psychology now offers new horizons to the field and allows us to envision a future full of hope. I think that experimental psychology will take off and allow those to think about new and creative ways to shape the world, and make it a better planet.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe experimental philosophy does offer new horizons to the field. I believe philosophy is an overlooked topic in America and it is rarely studied beyond a slight history. I believe the addition of experimental philosophy opens the topic up to more subject matter and more importantly, new subject matter.

  • Yes, it does.

    Each type or method of something adds different things to the horizon. Experimental philosophy reaches a wide variety of people that other methods may not. It provides a larger cross-section of people for research purposes and decision making, as well as providing an insight into reactions and thinking methods that are more natural rather than thought out.

  • We should always look for more.

    Yes, experimental philosophy offers new horizons to the field, because experimental philosophy is a good way to find new horizons and applications for philosophy. There are new developments in the field of psychology. It is laudable that the philosophers do not want to rest on their laurels, and they want to venture into new aspects of the field.

  • Philosophy with using empirical Data: We already have this, it's called SCIENCE:

    All sciences have Philosophers that make predictions and concepts based on empirical data.
    Social sciences use psychological data and concepts within groups (philosophies) gained by experimentation and surveys to gauge the future prospects and directions of groups, with Philosophy.
    Adding another name to the mix of already existing philosophical quests does nothing. It only confuses matters.
    It appears as if some academics are only trying to create another course to give themselves employment.

  • No, experimental philosophy does not offer new horizons to the field.

    I do not think that experimental philosophy will offer anything new and beneficial to the field of philosophy. I think the surveys that are used for data collection are a bit compromised. I do not think most people who do the surveys are honest or even taking the surveys seriously.

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Sagey says2014-02-26T00:24:25.870
It's only repeating what happened in ancient times: Plato was purely subjective in his philosophies, a priori, Aristotle added empirical evidence into Plato's methods and thus started what we now know as "Science". Repeating that procedure is very old-hat, It's a bit like re-inventing religion, oh, what? We already have that too???

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