• Yes Facebook does protect the rights of it clients

    Facebook does an acceptable job of protecting the rights of it users within the limits of what is allow by law. Their data policy and TOS explains how they collect and share information; the use of content and personal information. But the ultimate responsibility for protecting personal information is on the used and how they configure the application.

  • Yes, Facebook protect's its users rights.

    Facebook protects the rights of its users for the most part. After all, Facebook is a private company, not a government institution with constitutional rights for its users. When someone signs up for Facebook (under his own freewill), that person understands that he is sharing a certain amount of personal information with a private company.

  • No, Facebook does not protect people's rights.

    Facebook does not protect people's rights for several reasons. One, it is difficult to find and set up all the settings that provide some protection. Secondly, it has been reported many times that Facebook has done questionable things with personal data without informing it's users. I think that if you care about your identity and your rights, you should not be on Facebook.

  • You can see everything.

    Facebook is a service about sharing, so it shouldn't be a secret that Facebook doesn't care about protecting a person's rights. Facebook makes its money by showing people what they're interested in and then displaying ads that are based on these things. Rights are not important when a company can make money.

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