• Free Trade is Fair Trade

    There is nothing fair about tariffs, subsidies, and other types of protectionism (even if they call it "Fair Trade"). They raise prices, kill jobs, and lead to less efficiency in any economy.

    We need to expand markets and sell our products all over the world, with as few barriers as possible. That means allowing markets to work.

  • Yes,

    When foreign entity's are able to invest in our basic necessities without inquiry or management of asset mitigation from profit. We suffer, Our United States Economy fails everyday. 1 stock trade behind devastation. Why? so you can make other countries you associate yourself with wealthy. It reminds me of the really poor guy with a pregnant wife who has no job that goes out and gambles what they do have at the casino in the evening. Stop trying to be something your not and embrace the something you are. I am half Spanish but still I AM AMERICAN not Spanish American. "We are a nation also you know". Fair trade only works when everyone is allowed to fairly trade. A lot of americans do not own stocks, common people suffering don't care how much you piss away because you have already sold our soul. Europe owns america now!
    Are you Happy?

  • Trade is fair

    Fair trade is a good thing as it helps the poor supplying countries that make all our everyday goods, fair trade helps them get more wages and it would give them a money to buy more goods, fair trade allows traders to develop the world to secure fair prices for their supplies and not get taken advantage on

  • Fair trade is beast

    If we didn't have fair trade the supplying countries would have less money compared to the businesses that sell it to the costumer , and fair trade would allow the supplying countries to get more wages and not to get taken advantage on. If Africa had more money there would be more goods

  • Fair trade helps the world not hurt

    Fair trade does not hurt the developing world. Fair trade is set up to protect the interests of all those involved. If there was not fair trade then there would be arguements and wars likely and that would all but stifle or wipe out all parts of the developing world.

  • Justice not charity

    Fair trade is essential to correct past injustices and ongoing financial excesses. I have seen its value from Southern Africa to Northern India, not only in opening markets to poorer producers, but in vastly improving working conditions that multinationals would otherwise ignore. Fair trade is not charity; it's about social justice.

  • Countries Outsource Cheaper Labor

    Fair trade encourages development in less industrialized nations. Cheaper labor means companies outsource factories to other nations that aren't as developed. When China's labor force more closely resembles America's, the world will start to see a labor shift towards Africa. After Africa becomes more developed, the entire globe will be a developed country and fair trade will on equal footing everywhere. It may take several decades, but it will happen eventually.

  • No, fair trade does not hold back the developing world.

    No, I don't believe that fair trade holds back the developing world. Fair trade is something that must always be present in any market system, because not only does it not hold back the developing world, it actually helps these places. Without fair trade, rich countries would be paying pennies on the dollar for supplies from developing countries, and the developing world could not do anything about it because they have to take what they get. Fair trade allows traders in the developing world to secure fair prices for their supplies and not get taken advantage of.

  • No, it is what lays the foundation for a better world.

    Rather than letting a callous free market exploit local workers in other countries, fair trade ensures that people receive just compensation for the work they do. This helps to engender pride and quality in what is produced and ultimately leads to a more productive society where fairness is the norm, rather than a race to be the cheapest.

  • Fair Trade Sets Limits For Fair Treatment

    Fair trade is often viewed as a bad thing, but it's really just regulations on trade to prevent crime and greed. If all trade was free, companies could get away with paying unfair wages and demanding more labor. Factories would not have safety regulations, leading to injuries and tainted products. Fair trade is necessary to protect us from other people's carelessness.

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