• You lose yourself

    Many celebrities have lost themselves by not being able to do anything without being caught by paparazzi. Reporter Justin O'Neil once wrote that Justin Bieber was on a high-speed chase because of a paparazzo. Not many celebrities get to know who they truly are because they are lost in the way their fans view of them.

  • Yes fame does make you crazy

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  • Yes, fame can make you crazy

    I believe that fame can make you crazy, because you cant go anywhere without someone asking for an autograph or to take a picture with them, also, paparazzi follows you everywhere and tries to get embarassing pictures of you, also if you say one thing that is wrong the whole world will know about it.

  • Fame Causes Problems

    I think many celebrities have spoke of problems with fame. Fame can make it difficult to function in regular society. This can make it impossible for the person to do common things like traveling and shopping. When fame interferes with everyday tasks it can have effects the can "drive a person crazy."

  • Yes, fame makes you crazy.

    I believe that fame can make you crazy. Once people become famous, their lives can become a whirlwind of media attention that can become unwelcome very quickly. You also lose priorities because you are more focused on your fame and the fortune that often accompanies it. You can become caught up in a material world of wealth and forget the things in life that truly matter--family and friends.

  • Yes, fame can make you crazy.

    At one point in time, everyone wants to be famous. They thrive want it, they get it, then they thrive on it. That is, until people start hounding you and following you wherever you go. Then you start using drugs, drinking, and fighting with others. Perfectly normal people begin to go into a shell and self-destruct. They become so crazy they either kill someone or committ suicide.

  • No. It's how you handle it.

    There's way more crazy people than celebrities. Who is to say they wouldn't go crazy regardless..? Apparently I need 31 more words for my argument but I'll argue that I don't because my above statement covers everything I would put into the argument at hand. This subject has not been studied.

  • No. But being crazy makes a lot of people famously infamous.

    The vast majority of famous people in the past (people who didn't become famous for craziness) haven't become crazy. Thirty more words needed twenty-seven more words needed twenty three more words needed eighteen more words needed fourteen more words needed ten more words needed six more words needed two more

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