• Unfortunately your religion does matter in media.

    The news is no longer concerned about the dissemination of information. Now, it is the reinforcement of certain ideas. Fareed would likely be welcomed by the left-wing or even moderate news outlets. However, he would not be welcomed by the right-wing news outlets due to his religion. Much of the right is fueled by Christianity and bigotry more than they would like to admit. This limits his options for employment

  • No, not religion doesn't matter

    I don't think a person's religion matters in any context as long as they are able to remain objective. A reporter's job is to report the facts regardless of personal opinion and I think Zakaria is able to do this. If I say him begin to skew his opinion, then I would change my opinion but I have not seen this.

  • No, it does not.

    No ones religion should matter to the world of media. I have not heard anything of it so it should not be a really large deal to the media world. A person's religion should not matter to the media world, it just not really that great of a deal to the rest of the world.

  • Should it matter

    It should not matter, and he is not religious any longer, even though he was raised as a Muslim by his family. Even if he was a practicing Muslim today, it should not matter. Not all Muslims are terrorists and not all Christians are saints. I am sure the media would not care one way or another, except for Fox News if he was a Muslim.

  • No, Fareed Zakaria's religion doesn't matter in the media.

    I do not believe that Fareed Zakaria's religion matters in the world of the media. I think that the media does not really want to pay attention to it. A lot of the people who are making a big deal about it are his opponents. I think his religion should be a non issue.

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