• Women's fashion is Satanic inspired, means seducing.

    Satan controls fashion and beauty industries.
    Women are controlled by these industries.
    Men are controlled by women. Women don't tolerate men but men tolerate women. The first sinner was a woman named Eve, who cause this kind of corruption that only a woman can fix that problem.We are also corrupted by an artificial method, the immodest clothes and the artificial beauty, the solution is also artificial, the existence of Hypno machine, invented by a woman, programming people like robots and deleting a sense of fashion file and installing a sense of modesty file. Machines similar to this, only existed in some fantasy sci-fi movies and animations such as one of the Justice League movie, a villain planned to hypnotize humanity to end their guilts but to make them follow him, instead of that, a woman discovered that machine use for peace and order and to end mental severe suffering of humans like the women who can't survive without artificial beauty and men who can't own hot women, at least photos. When women become modest as men, there will be nothing to lust or to crave for. They will be valued more.

  • Fashion Does Drive Society

    Fashion drives society because a lot of people think that if you do not look good you are not "worthy" to be noticed. Today how pretty you are has a lot to with makeup and fashion. So, yes I think that fashion drives today's society even when you do not think it is.

  • Fashion Inspires Society

    I believe society on a whole has many different factors contribute to it. I feel as though saying that fashion is societies only driving force is a little narrow-minded. But i do consent that fashion plays a huge part in society. It helps people express themselves. In this generation fashion opens a lot of doors as far as jobs are concerned.

  • No, fashion does not drive society.

    No, I do not think that fashion drive society. Believe it or not there are a lot of people who do not care about fashion at all and have no fashion sense. The fashion industry doe snot provide enough jobs and is not diverse enough to dictate what society does on a large scale.

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kawaii_crazy says2013-09-23T21:29:03.447
Sadly, yes