• Modern date Debate

    As much as I hate fast food It does provide convinced for our busy schedules and a good place to have a first job or for people that need a well payed job. If fast foods had healthy foods, Then it would benefit our society. . . I have nothing else

    -TheTesterInUse 2000

  • Its just easier.

    Fast food offers convenience. If you are busy running the kids from practice to practice or you are running late for a meeting skipping meals may seem like the thing to do but the reality is not eating is far worse than eating fast food. Fast food is just a lot more easy.

  • It encourages teens

    It will encourage young teens to stay in school and they will be making money at the same to time also let them take responsibility to make money and use it wisely. They can take and take on tasks and do the same at their house and the parents will not have to do everything

  • Fast food does not support society

    Sure they have all this unhealthy food but they make so much money and they can help people and the fact that I like it is sad. I always thought it was the best thing but now I don't. But probably about every family in the U.S. has fast food once a month

  • Stop eating then

    Imagine the U.S. population with nothing but healthy food. The current population is 318 million. That is with 75 thousand dying of diabetes and 598 thousand dying of obesity complications. Right now 2.5 million die a year. With diabetes and obesity taken care of there would only be 1,827,000 million dying a year. 673,000 would have been alive. Over 20 years that turns into 13,460,000 people. Then 4 million are born a year. 4,000,000 million times 20 years is 80,000,000 million people. With 1,827,000 million dying a year times 20 it is 36,540,000 million deaths.
    93,460,000 million people added up in 20 years subtracted by 36,540,000 million dying in 20 years is 56,920,000 million people added to the U.S in just 20 years. So 2,846,000 million more a year. There is not enough resources in the world

  • Yes yes yes

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  • It is bad

    Fast food is bad for you go die in a hole go die in a hole go die in a hole go die in a hole go die in a hole go die in a hole go die in a hole go die in a hole go doe in a hole fast good

  • Fast food supports the economy

    Imagine if you will a land like ours, but different,
    A land with 3million more unemployed people, not to mention less food plant jobs, or construction jobs , about 100 billion dollars less in economy, or what if you couldn't find any source of food that's affordable on a tight buget for eating out, and no source of quick meals.
    And did you know fast food restaurants DO have many healthy options
    Take Panera bread for example
    They are fast food
    And some places like Starbucks will pay for college tuition.
    Why don't you think about THAT next time you think negatively about fast food

  • Fast Food Is Okay for you, when not eaten in excess.

    Fast food benefits society because it provides jobs, contributes to ecomony, it is cheap food, which helps the ecomonically challenged. It keeps people from being homeless and gives them a little money to live off. At least, they get some money and not no money. Just remeber, fast food is okay for you because it is sustaining and filling, and it is cheap and yummy, but when you eat it in excess, then you can get obese.

  • Fast food cheaper, fast , and health...

    Fast food does benefit society. Fast food does benefit society. A lot of people blame fast food as making them fat. I am sorry, but it depends on what you are shoving in your mouth at the fast food joint that is making you fat. If you are eating ten cheeseburgers at lunch, of course, you are going to get fat. At some point, we have to be aware of the decisions we are making for ourselves. We can not blame the fast food society for making us fat. We can decide not to eat there or eat a salad instead of ten cheeseburgers at one sitting.

  • Lazy and fat

    Fast food makes our society very lazy. Now no one takes any time to cooking or time set out of their day to eat and make a proper meal. Instead they can quickly pick up a cheap and easy meal that is loaded with calories and grease. They are completely unhealthy.

  • Not Healthy at all

    Fast food is not healthy at all and it's addictive! Also they do not make it with real ingredients and prepare it in an unsanitary way. This is one of the causes to obesity and that could lead to death if it gets too bad. There is no way that it benefits our society so what's the point?

  • Does not benefit society

    Promotes unhealthy eating habits and is the cause of big obesity problem in the US and other countries. With the style of packaging from plastic straws, different little containers, plastic spoons, forks, drinking plastic glass, and the worst styrofoam, it does and it will ruin our planet with a lot of trash

  • Lots of unhealthy food

    People are to lazy to go and Cooke dinner for there family. They sit on the couch and eat fast food then a home cooked meal. There so many calories in a hamburger from burger king. People are getting fatter each day and using drugs to loos weight in stead of eating a healthy meal.

  • Unhealthy for your body

    Makes you fat and is super unhealthy High in calories people should not eat fast food that often most people can get diabetes it is not good can cause cancer deprecation bad for your body unhealthy for your body bm n mn nmmmn nm nmmnmmnmnbnmbm nm mnmnbmnmhjhjhbh nmbjnn m m m m

  • Fast Food a concern

    Many fast foods are rich in calories as they include considerable amounts of mayonnaise, cheese, salt, fried meat, and oil, thus containing high fat content (Schlosser). Excessive consumption of fatty ingredients such as these results in unbalanced diet. Proteins and vitamins are generally recommended for daily consumption rather than large quantities of carbohydrates or fat. Due to their fat content, fast foods are implicated in poor health and various serious health issues such as obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Additionally, there is strong empirical evidence showing that fast foods are also detrimental to appetite, respiratory system function, and central nervous system function (Schlosser).

  • Fast foods are bad for health and causes problems.

    There are many disadvantages to fast food because it can cause obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and lack of nutrients. Childhood obesity has more than doubled and in adolescents quadrupled due to fast food. It makes society fat and lazy. No, I don't think we should ban fast food, but put more restrictions on how it is made and how much grease and calories.

  • The unhealthy food

    The reason so many people get fast food is because it is cheap and easy. Whoever gets fast food is wrong i mean fast food is not bad you just need to learn moderation when it comes to fast food. No matter what you should not eat fast food all the time.

  • Because of racism

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  • Fast food is becoming societies fastest killer

    Everyday more than 64 million people per day are consuming fast food as a meal. These people are slowly killing themselves with the sugar, fat, preservatives and additives they are allowing into their body. Some chemicals are in this food that we are unaware of. Did you know? Titanium dioxide is used in KFC chicken, this chemical is also a main ingredient in sunscreen and cleaning products.

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