Does Fatherhood begin when Paternity is Signed?

Asked by: blackkid
  • I believe it does:

    "Fatherhood" I believe is more a legal status than a sociological status and while there is a dualistic nature to the matter I believe that the legal weight has greater value than the sociological weight. To that end "Father's Rights" or "Men's Rights" only apply when paternity is proven or signed versus de facto matters relating to conception.

  • Your a father if there's a child.

    Legal status isn't what makes you a father, it may deem responsibility for the child but it doesn't make you a father. That happens when the child is inseminated.

    Child:an unborn or recently born person

    paternity gives you responsibility! It doesn't give you parenthood. If you have a child you should care for it.

  • The moment you find out there's a bun in the oven, fatherhood begins.

    If the relationship hasn't been exclusive, then I don't blame any man for waiting until paternity is determined. But when you find out you are a father, you ARE responsible for that child. That is more than a monthly check. It means being involved in his/her life. And it means seeing that the child is living within a good, stable environment. If you love your child, you assume nothing -- you protect & nurture.

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