Does FDI play an important role in the Indian economy?

  • Yes,it brings better job opportunities and foreign currency into our country.

    I think fdi is not bad in view of its advantages.It promotes employment and alongwith the organisation,it brings with itself foreign currency also and better products too.Every thing has its own pros and cons,considering the pros,i think it must be welcome by all in order to take full benefit of this.

  • Yes, it promotes investment and peace.

    Yes, FDI plays an important role in the Indian economy, because it provides for an influx of capital for the country. Other investors from foreign countries will want peace and stability in India if they have money tied up there. Finding more money for capital investments will help India progress, and it is a positive thing for the country.

  • Yes, the FDI plays an important role in the Indian economy.

    Yes, in my opinion the Foreign Direct Investemtn does play an important role in the Indian economy. Many foreign companies such as IKEA have been allowed to invest Rupees in a single brand retail venture in India. With the presence of IKEA in India better business practices will be introduced to the country.

  • NO it is not surely the BOON

    It has a weight-age of more foreign companies grooming in india then, there is lacking of small cottage or even companies well established stop getting attention even in the lime light.
    It predominantly gives free business expansion advertisement for those FDIs, as they start holding the TRPs of ever channel every advertisement media by there high valuing currency.
    This will fore sure make the indian companies hold indian market itself.
    There must be a limit which should cut crop the FDIs so that the national companies should be developing with the pace.

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