Does federal funding of abortion services violate constitutional law?

  • None Of The Governments Business

    Because Our Constitution Guarantees The Separation Of Church And State And The Moral, Ethical And Religious Controversy Of Abortion
    It Is Unconstitutional For Abortion To Get Government Funding
    It Especially Ridiculous Considering That In Most Cases Abortion Is An Optional And Unnecessary Procedure. It Would Be Like The Government Allocating Funds For Cosmetic Surgery.

  • We have a right to life.

    Yes, the federal funding of abortion services do not violate constitutional law, because people do not want to spend their tax payer dollars on killing other people. Abortion services actually violate the constitution because the person who is unborn has a right to life, and that trumps a woman's ability to choose.

  • Yes, federal funding of abortion services violates constitutional laws.

    I think that federal funding of abortion services violates constitutional laws. I do not think that tax payer money should be going to programs that allow somebody to get a service done that was due to their own choice. It is something that should not be funded by the government.

  • Irresponsible Behavior rewarded by Irresponsible Spending

    Most of us have said or heard the statement, "Money doesn't grow on trees!"
    America is our household!
    Its our job to make every attempt to balance our "household" budget.
    Many of us vote with a focus on just a few hot button issues but then neglect many others.
    We need to prioritize and weigh issues, then put them in order according to our priorities.
    No matter how we believe about any political hot buttons, we need to navigate all the excess noise around us, especially in social media platforms we need to compare degree of priority. Should we spend $1500 or even $500 on senior citizens, vets, or abortion? Not all... Choose 2 top choices. "Money doesnt grow on trees!"
    Vote like you are choosing how to spend your own paycheck. This way or that way?
    Regardless of media or what is popular, we need to decide what to "Do Without" or "Spend Money On" in order to run our home "America", enrich our family, get out of debt, and control our finances.
    The door to abortion doesn’t have to be wide open to accommodate severe or unusual exceptions. Situations where exceptions exist should be looked at and decided individually.
    Birth control cost comparisons below.
    Costs taken from the planned parenthood website:
    Most available are free of charge or 100% covered by health insurance. Especially with Obama-care.
    Here are a just a few popular choices to discuss with a doctor, to fit any lifestyle and personal preference.
    Sterilization tubal (permanent option) - covers all future unintended pregnancies
    $0 - $6000
    I had it done at age 30 now I’m almost 50
    Covered 20 years from unintended pregnancies. Insurance paid for it.
    Cost per day was $1.21
    Peace of mind, priceless!
    IUD Uterine Implant - covers 12 years of unintended pregnancy
    $0 - $1000
    Cost per day $4.38
    Arm Implant - covers 3 years of unintended pregnancies
    $0 - $800 to put in and then
    $0 - $300 to remove
    Cost per day $1.36 ; including removal its $0.99 per day
    Injection - covers 3 months from unintended pregnancies
    $0 to $100
    Cost per day $0.90
    Patch - covers 1 month from unintended pregnancy
    $0 - $80
    Cost per day $2.66
    Oral contraceptives - covers 1 month from unintended pregnancy
    $0 - $50
    Cost per day $1.66
    Condom - covers 1 active day of unintended pregnancy
    $0 - $1
    $1 per day I day of activity
    Abortion - covers 1 active day of unintended pregnancy
    $0 - Up to $1500 in 1st trimester, usually more $$ in 2nd trimester
    $1500 per day/incident - covers 1 active day of unintended pregnancy

    What Abortion Rights Activist are REALLY asking for is NOT for their "right" to "Take Control of Their Own Bodies and Reproduction”
    THEY are REALY asking for special allowances and the "RIGHT" to have an abortion FOR FAILING to exercise their rights to "Take Control of Their Own Bodies and Reproduction"

  • No, funding abortion doesn't violate the law.

    No, abortion is legal and legal medical services are funded by the government. The U.S. funds medicaid and medicare which offers medical services. There are cases when the life of the mother is at risk and there is a need for an abortion to save her. These cases would in no way violate law.

  • Federal abortion funding is constitutional.

    This has been argued again and again, despite the fact that the Supreme Court has decided that a woman has the right to choose whether or not she wants an abortion. Federal funding for any medical procedure, provided it is lawful and constitutional, should not be restricted according to this law.

  • It's Hard To Say

    I found this resource to handle this topic quite well:

    Given that it is several pages long, it is impossible to summarize fully here. The short answer is this: It's quite complicated. Essentially we are not sure if federal funding of abortion services violates the constitutional law given past decisions in this matter. While people may have opinions on this topic, they are simply that, opinions. It is likely that the answer will only be obtained once this question reaches the Supreme Court.

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