• Well, Yeah- obviously

    The point of feminism is to feminize society, And, By extension, To feminize men. There's a specific term for this: emasculation. Emasculation is the psychological equivalent of genital mutilation (castration, To be specific).

    Couple this perception of "They're after our balls! " With a constant bombardment of anti male stereotypes and tropes. . . Voila! - misogyny.

  • Unchecked feminism destroys social structures

    While some intentions may be good you also have to factor in human nature there are those out there that will use feminism as a weapon against men to get what they want and if they don't get it you are a woman hater instead of using feminism to unify the sexes especially in entertainment when you see your favorite hobby being attacked by unfair feminist you have no choice to pick up the misogyny banner and fight until you see a day where feminist are negotiating peace talks for unification rather than division.

  • Yes - Absolutely

    I no longer trust women in general and avoid them most of the time. Not because I hate women, But rather because relationships with women just aren't worth the frequently horrifying potential consequences. I guess it was stupid to have had greater trust for women from the start since men and women are the same and feminists believe men are evil by nature. If that's true, Then women are evil by nature too, Men and women being equal. Unless of course feminism is simply about women being better, Which wouldn't be a sexist claim at all so long as a woman spoke it. Of course, I jest. No really - I no longer have any even modestly significant relationships with women. I may talk to one for a few seconds at the checkout line and that's it. I know too many divorced men paying alimony, Asset division and/or child support and way too few women doing the same. Some people are more equal than others I guess, Or maybe it's just something I ate. Did you hear that feminists tried to get the ABA to make 'affirmative consent' a part of the criminal code in August of 2019? Making affirmative consent a part of the criminal code means revoking men's rights to due process and presumption of innocence in criminal cases, Something already achieved by feminists in college campus kangaroo courts. Many a man has been expelled after daring to break up with his girlfriend in college. Some women falsely accuse men or rape simply to escape punishment for being late for work, Cheating on their boyfriends or doing poorly in school. Crazy, Nasty world.

  • It probably would.

    Yes, There was a time when women were unfairly discriminated against openly and a time when discrimination was tolerated in less open ways but today this is not the case. Back then, The feminist movement had a very valid reason to exist but those days are over as we have laws that prohibit such actions and those who break those laws are justly punished.
    With the gender considered legally equal, You would think this would end the whole movement as they have nothing more to fight for but no. They keep on demanding better rights. Let's get this straight, Your equal but want better treatment? Clearly sexist but on the side of women so is there any wonder why some men may be a bit upset about the idea of being treated as less?
    Let me guess. Some people will point out that women tend to get paid less in various fields so this must mean that women are being discriminated against. Right? Not really. Fact is, Men tend to be stronger, Have better problem solving skills, Better spacial awareness, And are more prone to taking risks. If the job rewards these factors then men should be paid more in those jobs. Women also tend to work fewer hours so that alone would mean they get paid less. A long time ago, I worked on an assembly line making small fixtures and pay was based on piece rate. Basically, If the rate was 100 pieces per hour and you made 1, 000 pieces in 8 hrs. You got an extra 2 hrs pay. One area women tend to do better is having more nimble fingers so they were able to make more units per hr than the average man. Is it sexist that the women on the line got paid more for the same job? No because the pay was based on performance and not gender. In contrast, I now work retail and part of the job requires moving heavy loads long distances with a jack. The men pull the loads alone but the women tend to team up (one pushing). Seeing that it takes two to do the same amount of work, Is it fair that they get paid the same? Think we know the answer to that one. Look. I am all for equal pay for equal work but that also means equal work for equal pay. Funny thing is, Many of the women even ignore the call to move the loads and find other things to occupy their time yet rarely is anything said about it.

  • It does and it's not the true feminist's fault.

    I am a man and I do support feminism. I believe that it's great and that equality in society is important. However, The current state of feminism is just like the current state of liberals; rotten and toxic. Face it, As much of a feminist you are, You have to agree that many feminists just hate men. If you do not agree with them, You're basically the same as a man to them. I'm not generalising feminists and liberals here, But, Commonly, A liberal would be great friends with someone whose beliefs match up exactly to their's but be rivals with someone who just disagrees with them. This attitude from the feminists towards men turn the men into misogynists, Generalising radical liberals and feminists.

  • It certainly does to some degree

    Not only does it cause misandry, But also a lot of misogyny. Women start being ashamed for being women and hate on people of their own gender. They call other women crazy and b*tchy and start loving to generalize them just like a lot of men do. Also when people hear about the disadvantages that men get in society then they give a lot of support to men and show their anger by insulting women. You can't even say you support women anymore without also mentioning men. But you can support men without also mentioning women.

    Sometimes when you see how high the hate on women is on the internet you don't know whether you should laugh or cry

  • By this logic you also think blacks commit higher violent crimes and that Jews control the mainstream media.

    Not to mention the fact that most of feminist leaders and speakers are disproportionately Jewish women if you categorize by religion or ethnicity. If you think misogyny is caused by feminism you also probably think rapping about drugs money and violence creates gang culture in young black teens or that antisemitism is caused by Jews owning the banks and loans and high interest rates that cripples college students from pursuing their ambitions. Let's face it you're anti-Feminism because you hate women. Oy vey!

  • Feminism is about equality for all

    Feminism is not about giving women as much power as possible, As some like to believe. Feminism has always been a movement for equality. Men and others who are not women are still helped by Feminism and should be feminists. Based on many of the people here, Feminism is still very much needed.

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ThoughtsandThoughts says2019-08-11T15:21:29.437
1. Person A (male) wants women to earn equal pay.
2. Person B (female) says, "I want women to earn equal pay. "

You now deduce that person A wants women to earn less pay?

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