• I don't know about violence but it seems to have caused a lot of hatred towards men.

    So feminists are going for equality right? Then I'm wondering why is the movement called feminism? Why not equalism? Feminism seems to be promoting that women our better than men, and yes some women are better than some men, and some men are better than some women. It varies for each individual. Not the entire group on the whole. What if men created a group called testostorists promoting male supremacy over females? Well the public would be outraged of course, but than why aren't they with feminism? I've seen many hateful quote from feminists about men. One I saw was "My son doesn't need a father cause why would he need a rape instructor?" implying that all a father is good for is to teach his son how to rape. So honestly I hope that a neither male or female supremacy group will pop up someday. Equalists perhaps.

  • Feminism has caused hatred towards men and has also been bad for women too

    Feminism has been too aggressive in its approach on too many occasions and has been responsible for creating unnecessary fear and hatred of men. The male of the species are extremely diverse just like females, Not all men are sexual predators, Lack social skills, Have poor hygiene, Disrespect women. Feminism tends to stereotype and all too often has created a negative narrative about men. Men and women are different but need to live together in harmony on this planet, Both need to respect each other. Feminism needs to change its negative portrayal of men, Feminism has too often been a one way dialogue, Women need to talk with men to change attitudes and not talk at them.

  • Us men have been prideful creatures

    Feminism doesn't have anything to do with guys fighting each other. The mangina thing in which they persecute real men has to do with feminism. Not guys fighting. The ego has been the source of fights amongst men since the beginning of time. Some idiot said that feminism causes violence amongst men. Yeah, violence between real men and manginas that's what.

  • Men just like to fight, whether with guns or lawyers.

    The funniest thing about feminists is that instead of embracing their qualities and differences as women, they fight for equality, and what the heck is that? Are we supposed to be a non gender species? Feminists like to fight men, and some men join because they want to fight men too. This is just too funny!

  • Feminists view men and women as equal, and do not promote violence

    There is nothing about feminism that promotes violence, just as there is nothing about Christianity that promotes violence.

    There are bigots, jerks and monsters in every community, and just as there are many Christians willing to hurt others over their beliefs, there are some men and women who are willing to harm others for their belief in superiority of one gender over the other.

    These outliers do not define the movements, however.

  • No it does not

    Many people think of feminists as woman who are anti-masculine. However, this idea goes against feminism. Feminists want to be equal with men and not superior, so the people who do treat men badly or woman badly for being "stereotypical" are not actually feminists. True feminism does not cause violence or hatred towards men, misinterpretation does.

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Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-07-08T20:13:24.067
I wouldn't go as far to say that feminism causes violence against men, but feminism definitely doesn't do anything about or care about violence towards men, at least from where I see it.
RobbaDobba says2015-04-09T07:07:54.527
Does feminism cause violence? Not entirely sure, however a woman telling a man he is great is the best feeling a man can have whereas a woman telling him he's no greater than she is upsets him to no end.