Does feminism help (yes) or harm (no) society in general?

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  • All men and women should be feminists.

    All men and women should be feminists.

    Feminism is simply the belief in equal rights and opportunities for women. Ask a man if he's a feminist and you'll most likely get a 'hell no', but ask him if he believes in equal rights and you'd likely get a 'yes'. But even more surprising, ask a teenage girl or any woman in her twenties/thirties if she's a feminist. You'll get resounding 'no!'s. No one wants to be a 'man hater'. This sigma is wide spread and absurd because the two are the same. How can a whole section society live in denial of itself?

    Somewhere along the way feminism was painted with the very same misogynist brush women, especially strong women, have been labelled with for centuries - emotional, hysterical, conniving, irrational, lesbian, man hating... The list goes on. All in an attempt to undermine and discredit the very simple principle of equality.

    Even the term mangina is a subversive dialogue on feminism, suggesting a man is lesser, weaker and feminine due to his views or comments.

    Society still holds up thin, beautiful young women as the pinnacle of perfection in a woman - an object to be enjoyed. There is little, widespread value placed on smart or productive female members of society. The voice of feminism, after so many years, has become a hoarse and desperate scream for acceptance, equality and mutual partnership. The sexes, male, female and all those in between - we are stronger united.

  • Don't get hung up on the title.

    Just because it's called "feminism" doesn't mean it only serves to help women. Feminism was developed by women because they were the sex that was oppressed for thousands of years and the founders sought to equal out the sexes. Although feminism often puts women in the spotlight, men are just as important to the ideology as women. It's already clear how feminism has helped women: the right to vote, reproductive rights, educational rights, etc. But it also helps men. Feminism challenges patriarchal ideals that actually burden men. To illustrate this, look at the limited range of emotions a man is permitted to express. Men aren't allowed to express any emotion except anger. This is probably why men are much more likely to develop substance abuse or antisocial disorders because society offers men no emotional outlet. Feminism is beginning to challenge phrases like "man up" and soften the macho trope, which will undoubtedly be a benefit to men. This is just one of many ways that feminism can benefit men, as well as women.

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  • Feminism, linguistically, is the belief of female superiority, despite what some may define it as.

    Feminism is rampant in America today. You can see it in movies and cartoons quite clearly. The man is the fat bum and the woman is the kind, serving, athletic character. A lot of women honestly think that they are better. It is their tendency to degrade others to feel better, whereas men have the tendency to praise themselves to fell better. I'm not saying that masculinism is good, merely that it can be less harmful. Women and men certainly aren't equal, but we have equal worth. It is ok if someone takes into account someone's gender-related qualities when hiring. Feminism is very harmful, as it creates laziness on both sides, and hostility and separation between the genders.

  • Feminists have to downgrade men to feel superior.

    They use their so called movement to rally against men. They don't want equal rights. They want special rights. It's all a bunch of crap!
    I am a woman. I have two wonderful grown sons. I raised them to treat women EQUAL. Not less. Not more. And definitely not special! Women are not above a man. They are equal.

  • It harms women, men, and society.

    Feminism supports sexism against men (misandry). Feminism supports and organizes protests for sexist laws, with no evidence to support we need said law or evidence to support we DON'T need that law (VAWA, even though women are 60% of the aggressors and instigators of all rape and violence.) If anyone wants to know/see more proof you can pm me.

  • Fighting for equality has turned into intolerance and hatred

    While feminism has noble roots, the modern interpretations of what this movement meant are largely one-sided. In the fight for so-called equality between the sexes, the discussion has devolved into a battle between them. The average woman in the US will have some idea of what feminism means, but will largely frame it with the idea that men are inherently bad and that women lack rights simply because men (mostly white men) hate them. While misogyny is touted, misandry is considered a myth. Though domestic violence against men statistically significant, it is not treated seriously or equally in the justice system and men's shelters are virtually non-existent. Men have no reproductive rights and only win 10% of custody battles. It is a social norm to mutilate male children's genitals against their will. Men's Rights activists are often denounced and publicly ridiculed by feminists and referred to as misogynists. Equality does not seem to be a goal of third-wave feminism, which lacks cohesion and seems to vilify men at the expense of all just causes. It has become a hate speech mechanism that is guilty of the very sexism some representatives claim they are seeking to eradicate.

  • Feminists are liars

    I'm all for equality and women's rights, but this radical, "third wave" feminism is completely out of control. Unlike the first two waves of feminism they have no centralized goal and instead have consistently lied about things. For example the "wage gap" is a myth, no economist takes it seriously, it doesn't take into account the hours worked, the different types of jobs done or the time taken off. Feminism is supposed to be about equality not the superiority of women.

  • Third Wave Feminism has no clear objectives.

    Feminism, in theory, is a great thing to pursue for it's civil rights value however with many of the civil rights battles won there is little room for civil growth and therefore a scattering of modern feminism. With no centralized goals it is hard to want to follow the movement any further.

  • Modern feminism has taken a turn for the worse lately...

    If you were a feminist in the 1920's, it meant you were fighting for women's legal rights (such as voting). If you were a feminist in the 1960's, it meant you were fighting against traditional gender roles. But nowadays, it seems that if you are a feminist, you are fighting to make sure that women are seen as perfect, always truthful always trustworthy, and always victims. And that men are seen as imperfection, that the Y-chromosome is a birth defect and that men are always the victimizers. While ignoring that both men and women can be victims and victimizers. This is where feminism harms society.

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