Does feminism (yes) or immorality (no) cause problems?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Feminism is causes many problems in my opinion.

    The reasons I believe feminism creates problems is because of the faux claim for gender equality it has. I am all for gender equality, racial equality, sexuality equality, religious equality and everything. Feminism doesn't cause racism; it just embeds sexism in society. Feminism is advocacy for women's rights to men's rights. There are two problems with that. The first problem is that modern feminists don't want women to be equal; they want women to have the pros that males get in society but not the "baggage" (if you will) that comes along with it. Such as getting drafted, paying for bills and being respectful towards males (socially speaking) as males are (supposed to be) towards women. The second problem and approach problem of feminism is that it approaches sexism in the single sided-ly. Women are always the victims & men are always the bad guys; they fail to realize that women are not always the victims and men are not always the bad guys. It approaches a multi-sided issue (which is sexism) with the idea that women are always powerless, the victim and being taken advantage of. The third problem is that fundamental of pursing equality in which creates a 180 in sexism. A century ago males were predominately sexist towards women and there were double standards on women but we switched from being sexist to women to being sexist towards men in order to compensate for it or think it would fix the problem. An example of this is how a century ago, men objectified women without being called sexist as now women can objectify men without being sexist. The fourth problem is the blatant ignorance for "gender" which is defined in feminism as just male & female. Guys, there are three biological genders; the third is intersex. Intersex gender is something NO feminist ever talks about or acknowledges and it is sickening how people who say they're for gender equality are just thinking of themselves. You have to acknowledge and be against sexism against men & sexism against intersexes; not just women's. I couldn't careless if you were a black Muslim bisexual woman from Nigeria with 3 legs and 1 arm; you are a person and you'll be treated like every other person but not in a million years would I call myself a feminist because that is one of the most self-degrading things you can call yourself. I hope you understand.

  • Of course immorality

    Thats a really stupid question dude. Explain how feminism is causing problems. Without morals then everybody would be killing and torturing each other and stealing raping child molesting so on and so forth. That is why i hate religion. Religion is the enemy of moral progress. Ask me how its the enemy of moral progress if you dont already know.

  • Immorality is the cause of many problems

    Just now this user went around saying feminism is causing men to be corporate gulags if they don't have a job. Like what? Next thing you know people are gonna say "feminism causes racism." See how silly that sounds? If you think so, then you must also think that feminism is not the cause of divorce, promiscuity, rape, drug use, Satanism. That's like say one plus one equals nine. Lol
    People can be so stupid.

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-05-23T01:33:24.767
How is this a yes and no question. LOL. In truth I am beyond confused.