• Yes It Does

    Football does need to be safer but you have to give it time. People are working all the time trying to find ways to make the game safer for players. New helmet designs, neurologist on the sidelines and many more steps are being taken to make the game safer for those that play the sport.

  • It does and will be

    They're working on it. This is a high impact sport with a lot of danger to it, and the league is folding to more and more stories of post-career horrors coming out. They are trying to fix it and make it safer, not for ethical reasons but to make people shut up about it. Because of that, they will make the product safer, unknown at what cost to it.

  • No it should not

    Football is a good old fashion sport. It is absolutely ridiculous that you would even want to consider that. Players know the risk of what they are getting into, and it is just trying to make everything safer. This game is a classic, and nobody should take that away. That is why

  • Football players know the risks of the game.

    Football is a sport, and athletes know the dangers of any sport and choose to assume the risks of playing said sport before signing on. Yes, there is always a risk of serious injury, but the competitive junkie side of each athlete's personality surely does not believe these risks outweigh the reward of playing a sport so highly acclaimed by much of American society. True, to some it is only a game, but to those who play, it is a way of life, and if given the choice between assuming the risks and walking away, I would imagine you would get more responses in favor of the former choice. I understand that it may be possible to improve safety for players by equipment improvements, but I do not feel that the current equipment is lacking. Sports are dangerous, and if you don't feel that they are safe, don't watch them and don't participate. That's the easiest way to avoid getting hurt.

  • No, making football safer is an oxymoron

    The entire premise of football is men (massive in size) colliding with one another with brute force in an attempt to score points. The only real way to make football safer is for it not to exist. It's like asking if there is any way to make boxing a safer sport. The whole point of the sport is to pummel your opponent with the intent and hope that they will be literally knocked out. Football is a full contact sport and pain and injury comes with the territory. You don't go to swim in a pool and ask can I swim with out getting wet.

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