• My uncle beats me

    Every time my uncle comes over i start quaking from his presence. Can some one help please i am desperate. His name is uncle chuck i don't know if he i related to my family or if he is a homless man. He dosent have a home so sometimes on the weekends he sleeps over. He wears rags and smells like dead rats and crap encrusted cardboard. . Please help

  • Foreign aid does help developing countries.

    Foreign aid helps developing countries. Developing countries often have high poverty levels and large numbers of starving people. Foreign aid helps the underprivileged of these developing countries by providing basic human requirements such as food and medical supplies. Foreign aid helps save many lives in developing countries who would otherwise starve to death.

  • foriegn aid help

    Foreign aid is often regarded as being too much, or wasted on corrupt recipient governments despite any good intentions from donor countries. In reality, both the quantity and quality of aid have been poor and donor nations have not been held to account. There are numerous forms of aid, from humanitarian emergency assistance, to food aid, military assistance, etc. Development aid has long been recognized as crucial to help poor developing nations grow out of poverty.

  • Foreign aid helps developing countries.

    Foreign aid is an important for developing countries. It is necessary to help people who do not have the necessary resources to have a normal life. It is also a way for richer nations to lend support to their neighbors. It can be a good tool for promoting diplomacy and peace.

  • Foreign aid does help.

    I have seen first hand that foreign aid does, in fact, help developing countries and it helps them a lot. They need certain resources that aren't available, and once they get them, growth explodes and then they become more self-sufficient. It really is a beautiful thing to watch take place.

  • No, foreign aid does not help countires

    Money from the United States and other industrial first world nations to other developing nations actually creates a system of dependency and undermines the sovereignty and independence of developing countries. Developing countries would be better suited to invest in creating a functioning economy rather than taking aid from other nations.

  • Foreign aid becomes AIDS in nature

    It makes you dependent over foreign aid, which makes you vulnerable to be dictated on the donor's whims and wishes. It acts like steroid as it provides temporary relief but hampers your immune system. Foreign aid can be used as a tool to get one country's policy makers under sever pressure as their policies become to oscillate between the needs of the populace and the hidden ambitions of the lender.

  • Corruption in the receiving countries

    Even if the foreign aid is given to the countries, it will hardly benefit the citizens in the developing countries, because their governments may be corrupted. The government may use the money that are given to them inappropriately, for example, for making weapons, and not to for the people who really need help. If the foreign aid is not used to help the poor people truly, it is better for the developed countries not to give foreign aid to others, and not waste their tax.

  • Band-aid solution to alleviate immediate suffering

    Aid only offers help to the country in distress for a short period of time. It does no help in the long term. Sure, The problem in question may be resolved but one has to look at the bigger picture; many countries receiving aid are too poor to have a single problem they need solved, Instead they have many this, In turn leads them to become almost entirely dependent on aid. No country is able to achieve a propensity for growth and economic success if it is as dependent on aid as most have become

  • Where dose it go

    Some of the money donated goes straight to the government which can be spent inappropriately or to the wrong place for example somewhere that doesn't need developing also the sending animals to deprived areas is unfair because there isn't enough resources for the people living there already. So although it can help most foreign aid doesn't.

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