• Once hooked that's it

    They go in to get opinions they agree with and find a treasure trove of lies to latch onto. The type of person who gets brainwashed already was on the way, but this solidifies it. Destroyed my relationship with my mother. CNN never did that. It should've illegal to lie and call it news.

  • Of course they are brainwashing mindless people

    Brainwashing can be defined as "persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship" according to Merriam-Webster. Fox News is the Republican propaganda channel, plain and simple, and they know a great many of their viewers lack the critical thinking needed to differentiate truth from fiction. Fox News is the most biased and untruthful major mainstream media network out there and it's a disgrace they get away with some of the outlandish, hateful stuff they put on there.

  • Fox news is trash

    It should be called trump news network now. It's so slanted that it cant possibly be taken seriously by anyone who isn't a trump supporting republican. Even former employees trash this fake news station. Most media is biased, but fox is on the extreme end of media bias. Even some of their viewers know this fact.
    It's even worse now. I know someone that watches it so much, when you change the channel, you can still see the fox logo on the screen. Etched in. Ridiculous...

  • FoxNews is Racist, Homophobic Republikkkan Cult

    Fox News brainwashes the elderly and Theist organizations follow it like a cult. The history and origin of Fox News shows just how biased they are and how its run by wealthy republikkkans & onservatives using propaganda tactics and smear campaigns. Taken off Air In The UK was great news.

  • It is all about ratings and FOX is gathering from the far right.

    FOX exaggerates and presents their various facts omitting facts that would counter their extreme position. The media for the left also completely focuses on issues for the other side and through repetition persuades some to their point. Ratings is again the motive. FOX use to be a little bit more balanced, they were never balanced. A viewer should watch equal time between FOX and MSNBC to see where they need to do other research on any matter!

  • Fox news is pretty biased in general.

    At the same time I think that rather than brainwash they just cater to the opinions their viewers already have, but that is just my opinion.
    Overall it is clear that they drop statements to mess with the situation in their favor. When they talk about news stories where religion oversteps its boundaries they say things like "they are trying to take Christianity out of America!"
    They also like to antagonize Muslims and pretty much anyone who doesn't share their opinion as well.
    Fox "News" is not a trustworthy source at all, and if you actually want to hear the news and not propaganda then look for another news channel.

  • Not Smart News

    Honestly, if someone comes to me and tells me that they watch Fox News, I assume that they're complete idiots. Not only are their story lines and information that they deliver via their news programs not always accurate, but they just sound stupid! You're so much better off watching another news show.

  • Yes, Fox News brainwashes its viewers.

    Yes, Fox News brainwashes its viewers. Fox News takes a specific stance on issues which come across its news desk. They use inflammatory language and a lack of clear facts to distort viewer's ability to form opinions outside of those represented by Fox News' journalists. By omitting facts from their presentations, Fox News removes a viewer's ability to see beyond the vitriol Fox News promotes.

  • Fox News isn't the Only One

    This question I find somewhat funny for the fact that many people, especially Liberals, say that Fox News is always "biased". Can I agree with this? Maybe in some ways, but why only put the focus on Fox News? Why not CNN or NBC? I haven't heard anything about them ever being biased, even though statistically they are more biased than Fox News? How is this fair?

    To even go further, I like to point out one thing. Hasn't viewers noticed on the heavy bias within CNN and such? They have been by only targeting Republican candidates, than an equal amount on both sides. Heard any bad news on Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders from this channel, I haven't. They don't even report the facts, but always is biased towards the Liberal position. Not saying Fox News has it's moments, but why just Fox News? Why not a generalization of all forms of media.

    Sadly, most of the media has corrupted this generation. The media just promotes Hillary Clinton into being the president just because she is a woman. Our generation is now looking towards Socialism towards this country, without realizing it's future consequences because of the media. Media will have its benefits, but currently is just playing with the minds of many viewers into believing something that is truly not good.

    Its like a bad present. Looks well presentable by looks, but in reality is just a pair of underwear. Same thing with the media on putting harsh criticism towards Republicans, than an equal amount on both parties.

    In conclusion, it can be agreed upon that Fox News at times does have its moment of bias reporting; but I am disagreeing with this question because of only targeting Fox News than other forms of media. If it was more so a generalization, instead of a specific channel; then I would agree on it, but it isn't.

  • No, people seek out information that supports the opinions they already have.

    Brainwashing a person implies that they are forced to believe or accept an idea against his or her own will. I don't believe this to be the true in the case of Fox News. I do think that it is counterproductive to a person's growth as a free thinking individual to limit their intake of information to opinions that already reflect their own, but I do not feel as though Fox News is forcefully or deceptively changing people's minds about the issues.

  • Fox does not brainwash its viewers

    No, I do not think FOX brainwashes its viewers. For one thing, I've seen plenty of people airing their disagreement and unhappiness with some things that are aired on FOX News. If they were brainwashed, no one would ever express any views against them. Not to mention, every human has a thing called free will. If people are watching, it's because they choose to do so.

  • FOX News doesn't support the Illuminati

    Contrary to belief, FOX news does not promote brainwashing their viewers.Now, I do not know what kind of rock the people of the internet have been living under but they need to get their facts straight: its the news.We depend the news to inform us of our daily lives and what current event is occurring that we should prepare for the future.If FOX news did 'brainwash' their viewers, they would've have done a peculiar way to grasp hold of our attention.

  • They are not brainwashing

    Fox news is an amazing news channel albeit a bit biased but non the less it reports the real news. If people don't like what fox news is reporting all they have to do is change the channel. Fox news doesn't brainwash people anymore than CNN or MSNBC. Fox News is really good about making sure that all view points (Republican and Democrat) are presented when discussing a highly debatable issue to ensure that everything is fair and balanced.

  • If you're media literate you can't be brainwashed

    Sure, if you blindly accept whatever information is being fed to you without doing any research or fact checking, you are bound to be uninformed regardless of whatever news channel you subscribe to. Tuning in once or twice a day does not an informed citizen make. It never hurt any one to do a little extra reading, or do a quick internet search. People who depend on one source for information should branch out… We live in the information age after all...

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