• Fox NEWS

    Thats the problem they call themselves fox NEWS. The purpose of news is the accuratly inform the viewer. Fox news is no where near accurate and should be taken off the air for being so biased and well down right lying to everyones' face. Now for example, Bill O'Reilly has his own personal segment. Now i hate the guy and its on my bucket list to knock a few of his teeth out but he has his own segment where it is basically his opinion on news events. Man i really hate O'reilly

  • I feel Fox News has a negative effect on America.

    I feel Fox News has a negative effect on Americans. They only seem to show one side of the story and always in such a negative light. Fox News rarely seems to broadcast anything of a positive nature. The news casters have given private and anonymous interviews stating they were forced to spread propaganda over the truth.

    Posted by: TickoCa22
  • Of course.

    Have you guys on the no side ever seen Glenn Beck? Or how about the blatant lies Bill O'reilly shouts out. It's sad that a portion of Americans actually believe the bullshit Glenn Beck spews. It's despicable. Because of FOX news, people believe Obama is a muslim, and that liberalism leads to fascism...

  • Fox News has a clear mission to sow dissent and increase anger based on emotional issues rather than factual news.

    One only has to watch the antics of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly to see that the only thing that matters to them is personal ratings and selling kitschy merchandise. Their shows are heavy on outrage and vindictive and light on clear, factual, dispassionate reporting of current events. I find it very difficult to watch that network. Finally, have you ever seen a woman reporting the news on Fox who is *not* blond? Not saying blonds are all dumb, but it sure sends a subliminal message.

    Posted by: KnowledgeableWilford94
  • I think that Fox news has a negative effect on America, because it is extremely biased and one-sided reporting.

    Fox News is an ultra-conservative source for receiving information on current events. The reports are biased, to the point that they are often inaccurate in their reporting, and they refuse to ever consider a more liberal point of view. I feel this is negative reporting, and it has a negative impact on the viewing audience. The news reported should be accurate and show both sides, so as to educate the American public about current events in our world.

    Posted by: SpitefulChi
  • I agree that Fox News has a negative effect on America, because their reporting is too biased.

    Fox News reporting is the most biased and, in my opinion, the silliest news out there. Watching them gives me a headache. The drivel seeping from the newscasters on Fox News is highly biased, misleading, sensational and stupid. They make huge mountains out of molehills on Fox News Network, and bash whatever their investors don't agree with.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • I believe that Fox News has a negative effect on America.

    Fox News presents itself as a legitimate, unbiased - "fair and balanced" - news organization, when in fact there is a clear and overwhelming slant that supports a conservative narrative. As a result, many Americans watch Fox News as their only news source, which then simply reinforces their pre-existing conservative beliefs, without offering a true, objective view of politics and current events.

    Posted by: LuxuriantKelly
  • Fox News tends to tell people what they should think, instead of delivering the news and letting people decide.

    Fox News has been caught in lies, in the past, and delivering false news. This shouldn't be considered a form of entertainment that can be fictionalized. But, instead, it should be news. They should present the facts, and then you decide.

    Posted by: PlantHorace75
  • Fox consistently feeds viewers misinformation and rhetoric as news. This promotes and celebrates ignorance over intellectual discourse and compromise.

    A survey conducted by World Public Opinion indicates that Fox views are more misinformed than those who routinely watch news from other sources. In 2003 another study showed that Fox viewers knew less about the War in Iraq than their peers who primarily used other news sources. The only way it could not be good for any nation to have a misinformed populace is if you are at the top of a power structure and trying to maintain it.

    Posted by: WakeboardFrank
  • Fox News seems to have a negative impact on America because they don't have their facts right a lot of the time and sometimes lie as well.

    Fox News has been caught in several lies lately and has also gotten their facts wrong about different political issues. This gives those who watch it the wrong idea.

    Posted by: darcyska
  • Does free speech have a negative effect on America?

    It really doesn't matter that it is biased, it doesn't matter that it is not fair, it does not matter that they are partisan hacks. It doesn't even matter whether they are right or wrong. What matters is that they have every right to express their opinions and their view on society, just as their audience has the right to listen. That is what free speech means, and that is good for any country.

  • Its no worse

    After the debates for president I would turn on MSNBC and watch Rachel Maddow trying her best to spin the quotes to heavily favor Obama. Now in the same way FOX was spinning for Ronmey. FOX news is no worse for america than MSNBC but if we get rid of either of them or both then there would be no political discusssion shows. Lets be honest, no news is 100% reliable and FOX news is solely defending its persepective.

  • All News Media Sucks

    Every news station that has ever existed has been biased. It's not possible to not be. Fox News is biased. So is CNN. So is MSNBC. So is ABC. So is CBS. So is 60 Minutes. Everyone is biased. Therefore i would say that it's not Fox News, that's bad for America, but all news media. The only thing that news media does today is accumulate viewers that agree with their bias and then reinforce those views through their programing.

  • Fox and all media

    Fox is just as bad for America as MSNBC and CNN. Although CNN does not show it liberal leanings as near as much as MSNBC. If anything the right leaning Fox equals out the left leaning MSNBC. They both are muck rakers who only have ratings from their selective groups and the all mighty dollar in mind. News is dead long live national gossip.

  • Bias...

    Well....if you dont want a bias news channel then you better go see the news for yourself. The only reason most people say this is a negative fact here is because most people are democrats. If someone was and independent in here, they would also realize that all the other channels are liberal slanted. Due to this effect, Fox is called racist because they don't provide bias towards President Obama or any other democratic canidate. But in reality, they actually due. They have talk shows for each side of the slant. This FOX discrimination is starting to get ridiculous!

  • No

    Very balanced - Bill O'Reilly on one side and Alan Colmes on the other. Hardly one-sided. Some of the other news networks are beginning to have personalities on their show who have opposing views. I'd really love to see Rachel Maddow on Shaun Hannity's show or vice versa. How could anyone say that Greta Van Susteren is negative? She is about as differential as anyone could expect.

  • No.

    Fox News is one of the few conservative networks out there. Conservatives should have a say in news as well; otherwise there will be a negative effect simply because all networks are biased toward one side, leaving other important issues silenced. And if anything, Fox News has a positive effect on America by alerting us about the other side of an issue, and the possible consequences of an action that other networks speak positively of.

  • Oh sure, the liberal side is the majority. Never seen that before...

    I don't know why it is so terrible for a conservative network do be on the air. Over of course CNN or NBC, Msnbe, CBS, ABC... The list goes on! Oh yes everyone gets free speech! Unless they disagree with us... no, they don't deserve it! I don't even watch FOX and I am appalled at what you call a bias when someone is just trying to get out that there is another side to all these arguments! Not ALL of America is arts school graduates who sit in their parents basement posting on their twitter about Mitt Romney! "I challenge anybody to show me an example of bias in Fox News Channel." - Rupert Murdoch. I dare you, message me! ill read all of them!

  • More speech = bad?

    If some ideas were clearly superior, Fox wouldn't have nearly as much traction. The standard where more debate is a negative is one that assumes the validity of a particular position. Which is ironically self-defeating as it would preclude the purpose of debate.

  • Fox News counters the influence of leftist media

    The news media has a predominant left wing bias. MSNBC is a great example of a bias leftist stance. America needs a more right wing media to counter it.

    Many of the attacks on Fox news are based on snippets and sound pieces that don't truly represent Fox and they probably haven't seen any of Fox's programs. The left and Jon Stewart have put in great effort to make Fox look like the bad guys.

    In a free society, everyone has freedom of speech. This includes freedom of the media, and Fox News is no exception. It should have a voice like all news outlets do.

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Anonymous says2013-05-16T07:09:27.017
The Fox News Channel is very bias and liberal. They only show what they want to show while doing arguments to make it look amusing. If you write in to Bill O'Reilly for example, they will only show compliments instead of the facts. Everything that happens is advertised instead of them claiming to be "Informative."
Wallstreetatheist says2013-10-03T22:39:03.217
I'm not dumb, so yes. It warmongers, fearmongers, supports the increasing size, scope, and power of the state, seeks to support the Republican party at all costs, and is more Fox Harmful Opinions than Fox News.

That said, John Stossel's show and Judge Napolitano's show were quite good. They are both Minarchists, which is an illogical position to hold, as there is no mechanism that holds back the increase of the state.