Does Fox News need to apologize one more time for its anti-Islam comments?

  • Fox news should apologise again for their anti Islam comments.

    Each and every person should have freedom of religion and they should not be judged or discriminated against on this basis. This not only brings about hatred but may also result in war. Therefore, Fox news as well as all news centers that are relied on by people should be very careful about what they publish so as not to bring about conflicts.

  • They don't apologize for their anti-Islamic remarks.

    I have yet to see an apology from Fox News about giving anti-Islamic remarks because they were anti-Islamic. There was a recent example when Fox News remarked that a city in England was "overrun" with Muslims, preventing Christians from living there. The reporter said some terrible things about Islam, and implied that the presence of Muslims in communities are a threat. Do you know what she apologized for later? She apologized for calling the cities "Muslim." This is one of the most flagrant, foul insult-apology I've ever heard. Not only did she imply that Muslims were gangsters, she apologized to the cities for associating them with Islam. So I'm waiting for that real apology. I'm waiting for Fox News to apologize for their constant hatred against Islamic people.

    Posted by: kbub
  • Fox not only needs to apologize, it must apologize for the anti-Islam comments made by its anchors.

    Fox News has long been a contentious, half-truth network that seeks to use the theater of fear and bigotry to promote its ratings. This is certainly the reason for its recent anti-Islamic comments. If we substituted words, instead making their comments anti-semitic or anti-black, there would be a national call for censure, but since it is anti-Islam, there is complacency. They must apologize.

  • Yes, of course they should.

    There is no excuse, private company or not, to put out racist remarks on public medium. It not only promotes a xenophobic and divided society but it hurts the common Muslim, whom is not a terrorist and hates terrorism for the image it portrays. Imagine how he feels, going onto a channel broadcast across a massive country and hearing his religion is wrong and a terrorist threat. Imagine how he feels. He could begin to feel like a bad person, a social outcast and it could go further.
    If Fox don't make a formal apology and fix the visible racist problems which keep happening, America will continue to become a country where everyone who is not a white christian feels isolated and unwanted, creating mental health issues and social problems.

  • Why listen to insincerity?

    Fox has made a couple of apologies. They don't matter. Nothing Fox News says should matter to anyone. They like to call themselves news, but they're just an entertainment channel for scared old white people. They know they're lying, they don't care, and any apology would be more along the lines of "We're sorry you caught us."

  • One apology should be enough

    One apology should be enough because doing it more than once dilutes the message. Although we have freedom of speech in the United States, if anyone offends their viewing audience, then it is best to apologize to prevent alienating people. But repeated apologies sound less sympathetic than straight-forward single apologies.

  • I can't believe what I am reading; "YES"s and "NO"s

    I think it is ridiculous that a Journalistic company needs to apologize for stating observations they make. And even if what they say is an opinion to prevent them from saying it enters a very bad area of journalistic suppression. Just because you disagree with what the reporter said does not mean it should be censored. I would wager that almost all of the people who have a problem with these remarks are not actually Muslim, they are people who are being offended for the Muslims. In conclusion, to censor a media outlet because they are offending people is ridiculous not only because it violates their constitutional rights, but it leads right down the path of censorship. Just think about a country where every group that got offended was able to get the offensive thing censored. Read Fahrenheit 451 this situation plays right into that books message.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    You simply can't ignore the problem here, and say, "No, the Qur'an and Hadith and there clear interpretations aren't the problem.", you need to address them. No one is talking about those times when they and the rest of the media was saying that Islam was a religion of peace, especially with the clear lies on 20/20.

    No Muslim is going to feel like an outcast here, because America is mostly secular, and the people have put on a false tolerance.

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Dilara says2015-01-19T15:42:58.510
Can someone fill me in? Who said what and did they apologize?
npeterso2018 says2015-01-19T16:01:34.873
Fox "News"
Stefy says2015-01-19T23:55:11.540
Fox should never say anything again. The more attention you give them the worse it will get.