• Ha ha ha

    I can't even believe that you guys believe of the fact that tomorrow is the new day of the week as tomorrow is Thursday and day after if Friday so there two days left in the beautiful week so can u just listen to me before I explode and cheese balls will be all I've. I would like to end muy speech by asking you DO YOU WANT ME EXPLODED WITH CHEESE BALLS ALL OVER YOUR FACE. A true scholar quoted,ME, " No one wants expired cheese balls in their face" THANK YOU

  • Yes! Lack of education is the reason poverty exists, and with proper, affordable school everyone could have the opportunity to excel,

    It isn't fair that some people have access to better schools than others. Free education would be beneficial to not only those who receive it, but also the government, as there would be less poverty rates. It is proven that parents who go to college will have children that excel and exceed in education.

  • With proper use of class discrimination

    Education is the root of poverty, I believe and making it free and giving access to all people is a great leap towards the issue. The second half of the issue is that poor people may not have the motivation to learn and get better education, even if it is free. We can solve this with discrimination of those "lazy" poor people like the Poor Laws tried to accomplish in Britain in the 1800s.

  • You're joking, right?

    Pay attention. You're about to be schooled. Everyone is responsible for their own lot in in life, with a very few exceptions. For instance, if someone in America is poor, it's usually because they are either disabled or too lazy to work. If someone is disabled, it should be the responsibility of their family to take care of them. Not the government. That is nothing more than theft. You are taking money from people who work, to support those who can't. That is the very definition of theft, is it not? There are also plenty of blue collar jobs, that don't require a degree, that pay very well. As long as someone can graduate high school, with decent grades, they can find gainful employment.

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