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  • Free speech should be responded to, but violence is never the answer to such.

    Answering someone's free speech with violence is only throwing gasoline on an already burning fire. It will only cause more problems and escalate the level of antagonism. To answer free speech with violence in a governmental sense, it would depend on such free speech I suppose. If a dude walks around the street cursing at everyone driving by then that is when you arrest him. Even in this case, however, the "violence" is saved to paid pros.

  • If someone attacks you verbally,

    You should respond verbally. If you hit someone, you are only escalating the fight. I don't there is a need to react violently when the attacker keeps it verbal. If someone uses their free speech to you bully or harass you, you should report it so someone, fighting back physically will only lead into a fist fight.

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Voxol says2015-01-22T14:02:42.857
I made this in response to the pope saying he would punch his friend if he insulted his mother
Hanspete says2015-01-23T13:16:00.910
Whats wrong with that, nobody insults Mom!!