• Freedom exists: Using Philosophy

    I believe it depends on the discipline we come at the question from. All humans are born free. Children are molded (typically in the first 7 years of their lives) to be enslaved by social customs. This is the beginning of the destruction of one's personal will.

    Since civilization was established we have systematically deprived humans of natural freedom in favor of material freedom; I am referencing a more convenient lifestyle where the exchange of freedom equals the growth of a society- making the usual hardships of life trivial.

    Whatever that "freedom" we once had at birth and to a small degree in youth was, It certainly diminishes over time. To the point we then ask society to create laws and customs to preserve freedom.

    Ironic. The institution we created through mutual agreement is the same one we are asking to give us the ability to be without its own constraints.

    It's simply not possible. Freedom as guaranteed by a state is not freedom. Living in the U. S. You will often hear "freedom this, Freedom that", But they do not have freedom.

    In my example, I shall speak of nudity. I believe that nudity is perfectly acceptable and shouldn't be considered a disgusting display. Why must we sexualize the female or male form when in the buff? Why can't we simply look at say "hey, That's a naked person". We don't (hopefully) think of infants or toddlers sexually when small, As they are adolescents. Though it seems once they develop mammories and a feminine figure (or masculine form for males) we can't help but see them sexually?

    If this is true, Why is it that Germans or some Asian cultures are so accepting of nudity as "just nudity"?

    It is because we are taught this. Our laws reflect this. We can't embrace this simple, Totally natural state and despite being a "free" country, I will be a registered sex offender tomorrow should I choose to sit naked on the steps in my apartment complex. It seems sort of distasteful to call such a place "free" when you can't go "free".

    Though I still must make my stance clear: I think freedom exists. We just can't have society in the typical sense and be free.

    I am willing to change my position if anyone has any good paleoanthropological information. I'm curious if tribes also had deeply codified laws. . .

  • Freedom does exist

    Everybody has Sartre's 'radical freedom' which means that every person always has a choice and every act is free. People say that you don't have freedom because we live in a world where if we break the rules, we will be punished. The reason why this is, is because that we always think that freedom is total freedom, and having boundaries keeps our freedom in check and not letting it go out of control.

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  • It is always our decision

    Whether it be the taxes we have to pay, the laws that we have to follow, the president we elect, or the morals we have to follow... It is all our decision to do it or not, ultimately. We chose them or 'we are forced to chose them', because we know the consequences of not doing them. However, there is always a way to get what you want if it is fine by people around you. Here, I am not talking about society restrictions but the consequences of our own choices. You can deny what the impact of your decision on the society but you can't deny the impact of your decision on the environment and its contribution towards earth. Kill people - someone else would be 'inspired' and teach others who would come around and kill you (yes... Big believer of karma).
    If we look at a particular situation at a time, we can change them according to our requirements as was done during the french revolution, or situations like signing petitions and protests for reelecting the president. For these situations however, we have to think as a big giant mass of people who have made a decision and half of whom are now willing to change it.
    Overall, I can say that we have the freedom to change what we chose or decide to make, but the freedom to change the way humanity or nature works is with no one thus can be excluded from the definition of freedom.

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  • This one is neutral

    Yes, you can be free internally, but on the other hand, we are not free physically. While no one is making us work, the peer pressure makes us think that we are enslaved, but we can,"Break Free". But there is no need to commit such act, when we are already free, right? All in all, this is a pretty valid argument on both sides, and this one chat was to spark up some more ideas. I'm gonna stay neutral, so this one doesn't count! :p

  • You can overcome the constraints

    There are laws that put constraints upon our freedoms yes. But, we have the freedom to break these laws. Nothing's stopping me or you from going outside and stabbing someone. There are consequences yes, but that shows we've got freedom. Also in our minds we are totally free. We can disobey the laws of humanity and science. In your mind you can imagine yourself in another country then another in two seconds. You could imagine yourself as some sort of warrior maybe or an animal, the possibilities are endless and no one can stop you from thinking what you want.

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  • Freedom exists as it should

    Freedom is not being able to do whatever you want. That would result in a horrible, violent and downright wrong society. Instead, we have the freedom to do whatever we want, AS LONG AS it doesn't impede others from doing the same. That's what laws are about; allowing everyone to have EQUAL freedom, and as much of it as possible, not unduly restricting us, which is how it should be.

  • Freedom can exist

    Any sort of being that is limitless and without constrains can be considered free. Some people can argue that it is God, some people can argue that it is the universe itself. Some might even argue that the human mind being in theory limitless is in fact free. Does freedom exist in the world? To some extent perhaps but not fully. However freedom can exist. Therefore the possibility for it to exist makes it real.

  • It doesnt exist!

    Wherever you go there are rules , these rules are called law. Law is everywhere so therefore there is no such thing as freedom!. Even if there is no law then there is some sort of thing that is some sort of guider to you like your parents/guardian or your brain itself , you have your own principals!.

  • Cause and effect

    No matter what you do, A natural reaction will happen, It's unavoidable and there is nothing you can really do about it. I think the reason wars and such start is due to disagreement or testing of freedom. If you were to kill someone, You would get arrested, And if you didn't get arrested, You would be limited by the fact that you have killed someone.

  • Freedom is a state of mind that only the hopeless or the blind can achieve.

    Call me a pessimist, But the world is not free. Society plays a major role in this. People are expected to get educated, Get a job, Have a family, And die. If they fail to meet these requirements, They are called a failure. Once somebody has already failed, I believe that there is a kind of bliss that comes with this. One somebody has fallen behind, They no longer try to keep up. They do things at their own pace- they have freedom. But at what cost?

  • Money is the reason

    Root of evil, Yet we don't have the freedom to chose to live without it. We are all owned, Stamped at birth with a serial number, And indentured servants to lords we'll never know. And seriously ask yourself, Do you FEEL free? If you say yes, Ask yourself again tomorrow, I bet you'll change your mind.

  • Everything is affected by choice, Chance, And the actions of others.

    Your choice is affected by chance and the actions of others therefore it isn't truly your choice. Freedom is an ideal, Depending on what you believe it may or may not exist, But if freedom is relative then freedom is trapped by the confines of opinion and imprisoned by the walls of doubt, Therefore the very idea of being free is hypocritical.

  • Of course it doesn't!

    From birth to death, All the time and anywhere you are, There are rules and regulations. At home, As a child, Parents start to discipline you. No fighting, No swearing, No arguing, Etc. Bonus points if you follow a religion, Maybe you can't eat certain foods or wear certain clothes, With the fear of being cast into Hell. When you start school, There will be rules such as no talking in class, No entering the teachers' office unless there's a good reason to, No bullying, Etc, You know these sorts of things. And as you grow and start to understand the whole world, There are laws for immigration, Stealing, Murdering, Raping, Even when building your OWN home, The house needs to be of a certain size, Needs to face a certain direction, Needs to have certain facilities. . .

    Freedom (as in TOTAL freedom) DOES NOT exist.

  • Freedom conditionally !

    Can be free to be a parent as long as you follow common practice or parent. Can be a free thinking student as long as you follow a system or conduct of constraint that is learning or involvement. Freedom of speech as long as your speech is not offensive, hateful or otherwise impeding on someone else which is unavoidable in speaking truth. Freedom to have sex for free but not for pay. Freedom to make your own choices as long as it doesnt affect the social and status quo. Freedom to buy what you want; as long as you compromise yourself enough, your time, your belief's and your stances to be in the world making money with others. Freedom is a lie, free is something that never existed with civilized living. Order can not exist while chaos is free, freedom for chaos is limited and you are only free when allowed to be; no self freedom.

  • You think we can do whatever we like?

    Freedom is everything. But we have restrictions, we can’t freely just like go to the moon can we? We have laws that stop us from doing stuff. Yes you can go rob a bank, but there are consequences, if there was true freedom there would be no consequences no security. And yes we have freedom with what we think but it’s different if we say what we think out loud, people will discriminate.

  • We are not free Freedom is a illusion that never existed.

    If we were truly free of anything, We would not have rules, no reason to stay in her our homes and care for them cause of our need for calmness, and the larger need for order. Without order is chaos once it reigns it cannot be stopped by the logic of our ancestors as proof. The problem I have with 'freedom' is that it does not exist, cause with any rule and law that is made, it calls for freedom to be destroyed always, since true freedom is the lack of rules.

  • It doesn't exist.

    Look forward, you think you see freedom? Look further and no matter where you look, you will be stopped, eventually, by a wall that you can't get pass. No one knows what the world on the other side looks like. The wall is unavoidable. Internal freedom is subjective and Physical freedom is impossible, you can't achieve both, so you can't be truly free.

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