• Look at America

    Do you see a lot of perverted disrespectful people insulting every sacred institution and trying to get out of collective obligations in dictatorships? Do you see people becoming more charitable, health conscious, sexually responsible, drug abstaining, and respectful of others in countries with widespread information and permissive attitudes? There's your answer.

  • No freedom does not lead to degeneracy.

    Freedom may allow some people to become degenerates, but it does not specifically lead to degeneracy. It allows people to express themselves and have a free choice in what they say and what they do, some may try to take advantage of it, but not everyone should be lumped into that group.

  • Freedom itself does not lead to degeneracy, but instead the people who take advantage of such freedom.

    We must remember that the degeneracy in Communist societies were much worse. Remember Poland? The government was actually encouraging pre-marital sex, so that it would discourage people from entering the church.

    Freedom or not, there is cultural degeneracy. Such degeneracy comes from the nature of man and not the circumstances we find ourselves in.

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