• Militias Can Band Together

    Militia movements can band together thanks to freedom of association. Unfortunately, there are too many smaller groups that are splintered rather than a strong, central militia movement that has risen to prominence. State militias can be official organizations of gun owners as promulgated by the Second Amendment. However, smaller militias are too fractured to come together in any way.

  • It's meant to be.

    Yes, freedom of association allows for the existence of a militia movement, because the founders intended for militias to exist as a check on our federal government. The freedom of association means that people cannot only have guns, but that they can also associate with other people who have guns, and they can talk about their guns together.

  • Yes, militias are allowed to exist.

    I think that the freedom of association allows for the existence of a militia movement. I think that while such groups and ideology may be troubling for some, the freedom of association principle allows for such people to assemble. As long as nothing criminal or illegal is going on, I thiink that it is just.

  • Yes, in a sense it does

    I think if you look at it from a certain point of view, it does allow it. I think some its going to not be a militia faction,but other it can easily form into one. The people will lash back if they see something they don't like,violent and non violent means.

  • The government wouldn't see it that way

    While the freedom of association should allow for the existence of a militia movement, the government would not see it that way and would act fast to stop any type of militia activity before it even had a chance to start growing. The government is very big, powerful, and strong, any type of militia rather legal or not, wouldn't stand a chance.

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