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  • Yes, I think funding the arts has a societal benefit.

    I think overall funding for arts can inspire creativity and innovation in that segment of the population, I think overall it can influence the style of architecture and give the generation a sense of culture, I think funding the arts leads to many different benefits some of what you can see and see that are not quite as obvious.

  • Yes, funding arts have societal benefits.

    I think that funding the arts to a degree would have a lot of benefits in regards to society. Art is actually in every aspect of our lives. Whether it's building homes, or cooking food, some aspect of art is always a part of it. I think that it is important to fund such things for the greater good of society.

  • Yes, funding the arts has societal benefit.

    Yes, funding the arts has societal benefit. When people invest in art they can help local and state economies by supporting job growth and add increasing property values in neighborhoods. Investing in the arts can also help children relieve stress in their lives and use their minds for creativity and not negativity.

  • yes it does

    yes, i think that funding the arts has a lof of benefits for the society that they are in. i think that it is a good way to kick off a lot of young artists, and is a good way to show the people what all has been make there.

  • Arts funding creates mediocrity and inequality

    I am a professional composer who doesn't apply for or rely on grants/funding. Those of my colleagues who do, typically craft their project or music purely with the goal of obtaining funding. Since those on the peer assessment committees are often professors and artists with similar academic aesthetics, those that fall within that standard or type of art will typically receive funding. Even worse is that most committees/granting bodies highly favour their colleagues and friends. Grandfathering existing artists and organizations year after year is also standard practise. A maverick composer such as myself is usually seen as a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. I have chosen to stay away from that nonsense and focus on creating music that is purely my own; subsidizing my own way when necessary. I won't waste my time writing grant proposals.

  • Art is a struggle

    Those who want to make art should fight for it. Art provides culture, but it does not provide the necessities we need to function and live. Thus, the creation of art does not need to be funded by the taxpayers, or else you're going to get a lot of people who shouldn't be doing the arts diluting the field.

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