Does fusion power represent the future of energy generation?

  • Our planet isn't the only fuel

    Two different atoms are required for fusion to occur in the modern, relatively energy-rich form. Today, they are deutirium and tritium. Tritium is rare and radioactive, but isn't the long term plan. Helium-3, which has been shown that it is likely to exist in large quantities on the moon. Fusion is our stepping stone to space, the thing that will make it commercially viable. And as history has shown, when there is profit to be made, someone will go and set up shop. Once the infrastructure is in place, our time as a planetary civilization will be nigh.

  • If the public is willing to accept it, it will become the most efficient power source.

    Fusion uses very hot plasma, which is sometimes scary to people who don't understand the process, but they are actually very safe because they would dissipate within seconds of leaving the reactor (which they wouldn't do because of the magnetic barrier present). Solar panels will quickly become less common because they cannot net energy (it takes more energy to produce the panel than the panel can create). Whereas, fusion power will soon be able to hold self-sustaining reactions, once ITER, or K-STAR launch. And, more and more discoveries are coming to light, like inertial heating. I think that in a couple of decades at most, fusion power will become a cheap, clean, and efficient alternative for power production.

  • Once gaining a "profit"-in an energetic sense not monetary, of course yes.

    There's an experiment in France now which will aim to be the first fusion reactor to "turn a profit"--in an energetic sense not monetary. It should make more energy than it consumes. We are in any case still quite away from building one that will actually turn a profit--producing enough sustained energy to offset the investment and maintenance costs.
    When the glorious day does come, yes it will; Just think of us having a little mini sun giving us all of our energy!

  • Of Course it does...

    The current deuterium (hydrogen isotope used as fuel in fusion reactions) stocks in the worlds oceans will last, considering the current global electricity usage, over 150 billion years. This is 10 times the age of the universe. Also fission reactions are extremely safe and if any damage comes to the power station the reaction will be stopped unlike fission reactions which keep on going after the reactor is turned off. Thus, the fusion reactors would be utterly and completely safe.

  • Soon it will be a reality.

    Once we posses the technology there is no stopping us. Fusion power will become a reality one day. It's just a matter of time. It's so safe and environmentally friendly that it would be silly not to use it. Of course there are other ways to produce energy, but this is by far the best one!

  • Safe, Clean, non-Military

    Fusion is the holy grail of energy production. It is safe, cannot be militarized, and will provide the world with clean and limitless energy. Some of the naysayers do not understand how fusion works. As a point of explanation, fusion is not the exploding part of the fusion bomb -- in "the bomb" it accelerates the *fission* reaction. Outside of the presence of Uranium, fusion is non lethal. And fusion reactors cannot be jerry rigged into becoming atom bombs. If a fusion reactor completely fails, it simply shuts off. I look forward to the day when we look at our present energy production methods with disgust. How filthy! Fusion is the energy supplier of the universe; it's time we stepped into the next level of human evolution.

  • While there are many alternatives for terrestrial energy production, fusion is the future of overall production, due to its potential for a more powerful source of energy than any other options.

    Fusion power has the highest potential of our current realistic energy generation options. Solar, hydro and wind have great potential for terrestrial energy production, but sources for mobile transportation will still require something more powerful. Space travel, especially, will need an extremely powerful energy generation source, which fusion is most likely the future of.

    Posted by: KnownEvan
  • The basic elements are extraordinarily abundant, and fusion is a clean form of energy, if we can harness it safely.

    Ultimately, we will have to find safe, responsible alternatives to the limited and wasteful fossil fuels we currently use for energy production. Fusion power would be an extremely effective and productive way to harness the power of nature's basic forces, if we can find ways to do it safely and securely.

    Posted by: LivingJimmy
  • Once the technology matures, nuclear fusion will be our most sustainable energy option.

    While it may take a while to reach widespread implementation, nuclear fusion will create less waste and require less fuel material than other methods of energy conversion. Since less radioactive waste means less environmental hazard and less expensive cleanup, this could be cheaper in the long run and safer in general. Also, the energy released by a fusion reaction is greater than that of a fission reaction.

    Posted by: GiganticElmer29
  • I believe that fusion power is the future of energy generation because it is an efficient method that creates very little pollution.

    A fusion power plant would not release anything into the air except for steam. The radioactive material that would be left over would only remain highly dangerous for about 50 years. Within 300 years the waste material would only be as radioactive as coal ash. This is a great improvement over fission reactors which produce radioactive waste that remains highly dangerous for thousands of years.

    Posted by: 5h4yGust
  • It destroys water!

    It's not like burning hydrogen where the atom is kept in another compound. This destroys the atom pair turning it into helium. Right now it's deuterium, but when that runs out and it will run out as energy use WILL quickly catch up to supply, we will figure out how to turn normal hydrogen into deuterium. Without water our planet will die. I should mention it's our only planet. Why are people supporting this and not solar?

  • Fusion power as an option for producing future energy is a bad idea because it is unsafe and hard to develop.

    Fusion power should not be focused on as the future for energy production. It is too risky due to the possibility of a radiation leak. The use of liquid Lithium which is highly flammable causes the risk of an environmental industrial hazard. Right now fusion is a good way to generate heat. It is hard to turn this heat into actual energy.

    Posted by: TaraThi
  • I believe fusion owe does not represent the future of energy generation.

    Fusion power or any other nuclear energy option is not a good option in my opinion since the development of nuclear plants is controversial and dangerous. Any nuclear energy can be used for negative purposes and controls will need to be very strict. Consequently, we should look for another forms of energy generation.

    Posted by: l0olllooi
  • Fusion power does not represent the future of energy generation because it is still in the process of being developed

    Fusion power does not represent the future of energy generation because it is still being developed. While fusion power was first used for military applications, we have yet to see a company use that energy for non-military applications. Instead, decades have passed with companies attempting to harness the power and there is still a long way to go in the science and research of producing this power.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • I think people are too scared to rely on fusion power.

    I think people are too scared to rely on fusion power. Fusion power uses nuclear energy which scares many people away. They do not like the thought of having nuclear energy so close to their home because it is so dangerous. Because of this, I do not think that fusion power is the future of energy. People will rely on safer alternatives, like wind towers, in order to get their power in the future.

    Posted by: ObaICheese
  • Nuclear fusion power does not represent the future of energy generation.

    Nuclear fusion power does not represent the future of energy generation. It will be very hard to grow nuclear power generation, particularly in the United States due to the issues that have happened in the past. I believe that the future of power generation is in more renewable sources like wind, water, and potentially the next generation of biofuels. I do not think that current biodiesel has the chemistry or best feed stocks to make this generation sustainable.

    Posted by: SilverMathi
  • It is a step forward, but there will be greater conveniences ahead.

    I don't believe we have even touched on a % of capability in regards to energy. The capability of fusion power is commendable for the implements it is used in today, but it is not the future in my belief. It will lead to alternative means projects in my opinion however.

    Posted by: Bear
  • No, I don't think that fusion power is the future of energy generation, because of the many risks.

    Fusion power is not the future of energy generation, given the many energy alternatives that have become more and more feasible. I don't think there will be just one energy source of the future. We will need to use as many alternate forms of energy in the future as possible.

    Posted by: MakeshiftJospeh80
  • Not enough is known about just how well fusion will work to predict it is the future of energy generation.

    I don't believe that fusion is necessarily the future of energy generation. It has not been proved to be reliable or if it will really work. It is estimated that we are at least 20 years away from being able to use fusion as a source of energy; in that time another source that works efficiently may be found.

    Posted by: ColossalJeramy56
  • Given the current problems with nuclear energy, fusion power also has similar problems.

    Fusion energy poses similar explosive problems as any other form of nuclear energy production. Thus, with countries now trying to shy away from nuclear power, fusion energy is not going to provide a safer alternative to any form of energy production. Thus, fusion power is not the future of energy production.

    Posted by: taikajuoma

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