Does future education depend on schools/colleges (yes) or the internet (no)?

  • Schools and colleges doesn't comes up with innovation

    Schools and colleges can not teach the reality of future, Schools and colleges are only useful for start-up learning Schools and colleges cant replace or innovate the future. Internet holds the complete education directory the main advantage of internet is that it can be connected to the every part of the globe as it takes easy way to analyse the information from all the country

  • It's the future

    Show me a textbook i'll show you a constantly updating website with the same or updated information. Show me a foolishly early system where it could take 45 or more minutes to get to and from it and i'll show you a flexible system that doesn't rely on transit to work. Show me an all consuming busywork driven system and i'll show you something that changes with the times.

  • Future Education Depends on the Internet

    No, future education does not depend on schools and colleges, but on the internet. More and more students use the internet to access education, be it through institutions of higher learning, or through private inquiry. This will become more and more the norm as time passes, making physical colleges obsolete.

  • Future education depends on the Internet.

    Future education depends on the Internet. The internet is out there, free, for any one to use when ever they want. College is some thing that is often hard to get in to, and is not a reality for every people that is in high school. The internet is the key to future education.

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