• Yes culture is not a basic thing

    Gay culture does differ from country to country. The reason for this is that culture is a result of surroundings it is not built into people or a specific way everyone acts. So as people in a country are different the culture of the gay community there will be different too.

  • Some More Open About It

    Some places are more open about gay culture and have specific areas of cities where gays supposedly go to meet. Places like Amsterdam have specific places for "gay" travel and gay hangouts. There are other cities in Europe like this, but you won't find many mentions in America or Asia. So, yes, so-called "gay culture" does differ from country to country depending upon how different cities adopt liberal policies.

  • Yes it does.

    Culture in general differs from country to country I can not imagine that 'gay culture' would be any different. I think that different countries are more comfortable with it while others are less easy to win over when it comes to it. It depends on how they are generally raised.

  • Yes, gay culture differs.

    I have traveled all around the world and, yes, gay culture differs depending on which culture you are in. For example, in Thailand, there is more cross-dressing and gender bending or changing. While in North America, and countries like Argentina, you have very masculine and feminine homosexuals. Culture changes everything.

  • Each is different

    Of course gay culture is different between countries, since the underlying opinions of gays in their cultures are different. A group of gays growing up in a country that is intolerant wil have a different culture than those that are tolerant, and the same can be said about the issue from a number of perspectives.

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