• Yes it does

    I believe God made us male and female, Boy and girl, Man and woman. I don't believe mentally any of us are inferior but physically I believe that men are stronger that women. . . Most of the time. I also believe that men are natural born leaders and women natural born care takers

  • Obviously it matters

    Assuming you're talking about sexes here (they're the same thing but libtards seem to think gender is fluid to the point of letting helicopters be a gender, ) they are completely different both biologically and psychologically and thus are optimal at performing different tasks and filling different roles in society. There is a beautiful harmony between the two sexes and that harmony should not be disrupted if we want to prevent our society from collapsing.

  • Gender Does Matter

    I don't care if you want to be a man or woman, It still matters though. The simple answer is because reproduction. It is more than that though. Back then gender separation was huge and we used to use the tools each gender had and used it to advance. Now the separation is a bad thing.

  • Yes sometimes it does

    Of course it does sometimes, There's differences between men and women (Size, Physical Strength, Interests) that haven't been discussed for 10s of years and why we're discussing it now with transgender professors going on national TV and stating there's no biological differences between men and women is flat out insane.

  • Yes it does.

    We have a written genetic code that determine who we are from the time of fertilization. We are formed based on that code embedded in our dna. Gender matters. There is only two genders created by our Creator, God. It serves the purpose of reproduction and of society function cohesively.

  • How can you look over biological facts when those facts are the main components of our populations!

    Being a female or male does not affect the individual's interests, Goals or dreams. Both genders are equally efficient and there is no particular 'mans' job or 'woman's' job. However, Gender does matter when it comes to a medical problem and its impact can result in decisions between life and death. For example, Men are more likely to get coronary heart disease whereas women are more likely to get breast cancer because their bodies are made differently. So to say that gender doesn't matter at all, Would be an unbalanced statement because social reasons aren't the only reasons that differentiate a gender. There are also scientific reasons in which there are huge differences. For example, Does gender matter in terms of birth? Yes, Because men aren't capable of giving birth, Therefore, This does matter. But saying that two genders are different doesn't necessarily mean that one is better than the other. Most people saying no are looking over the main facts and just responding to what the rest of the society says.

  • Gender doesn't matter, Sex does

    Gender or gender role is basically a label in society. That is the name that transgender people argue about. You know when they say "I actually identify as a tri-demi-pan-omni-hex-third-cis-gender-fluid-individual. " Yeah. . That is 'Gender' and THAT IS WHY IT DOESN'T MATTER.
    Society has ruined the use of Gender because they have over complicated it. They forgot what really mattered. By that i don't mean feelings and emotions. I mean the fact you have a peen or vagene.
    Therefore I'm saying that Gender don't matter but Biological sexes does. That is what is useful. . . To properly know what hormones and bodily structures you contain.
    And I'm not going against those who naturally have something other than xx or xy chromosomes. They can rightfully be trans as a "SEX". But all those who "believe" they are something there not can go right out the door along with the term "gender".

  • Depending on situation.

    In everyday life? Absolutely not. Men and Women should have equal opportunities in everything, Men pursuing traditionally female jobs or women pursing traditionally male jobs should both be able to have the choice for whatever they want (and are trained/studied) to do. If your talking about for reproduction purposes, Then yes. I mean, I'm a lesbian and sex/gender matters for that. I mean, If your straight then the exact same thing applies.

  • It Doesn't Matter

    Gender" is the identity of a person; be it masculine, Feminine, Those between the two and outside of it. Said identity has no impact on a person's interests or their work performance. All of those are acquired, Not innate. What gender may impact is one's presentation and their mannerisms. For those that bring up the "physical differences" argument: What you are referring to is biological sex, Not gender. Biological sex can impact one's strength and size, But not their interests or work performance.

  • Gender over importance

    Yes they’re are biological differences between males and females anyone whoever they be professor doctors etc are lying at least at the present moment in life I don’t know what plans they have for the future yet this shouldn’t determine a preference of one gender over the other both genders have a purpose in life neither one is better than the other and should be treated appropriately or equal I reject the biblical text of submission of one to the other dominion over all things hitlers ideals survival of the fittest and beauty this is what causes all strife in life between people and the sexes as for trans people they are who they are Inside and only they can say this with maturity and sincerity a physical defect same as intersex people same as a blind deaf or persons born without limbs etc any other person who doesn’t have the condition should just listen and don’t try and tell a blind person what it’s like being a blind person as you don’t know you can’t nor can any authority figure and I’m sure you wouldn’t tell a blind person he’s not blind you’d be a prankster

  • Gender does NOT Matter

    Gender is just someone's identity if they're Male, Or Female (or Non Binary). Someone's gender does NOT affect how they act, Their interests, Music taste, Clothing taste, Color bias, Dreams, Etc. If Gender did matter, Than all feminine men and masculine women (including crossdressers), Would transition to the opposite sex.

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