• World Hunger is a Bad Thing

    World hunger is a very bad thing. We can modify food to grow in ecosystems that would not normally provide support for these foods. We could possibly make corn that could grow in the Sahara or something like that. But, the stupid advertising companies are making organic foods seem like a good thing because they cost more.

  • It is good

    Genetic engineering gives us more nutriants in our food and also is making plants to help our fight against global warming. It can speed up reproduction for animals and therefor decrease the chance of having extinct animals. It can also put medicen into animals like chikens so the eggs for example make us more healthy and they can put cancer fighting medicens in so that there is less chance of people getting canncer. These are some examples but there are so many more.

  • Is Genetic engineering harmful?

    Genetic engineering should never happen. Genetic engineering is not good for consumers. It can cause contamination of food. It can also cause genetic defects and foods can lose their nutritional value. It can also cause resistance to certain kinds of medicine thus causing a person to have more illnesses that could have been prevented.

  • It causes harm!

    It can cause genetic defects, decrease in nutritional value and much more.

    Cons of Genetic Engineering

    May Hamper Nutritional Value
    Genetic engineering in food involves the contamination of genes in crops. Genetically engineered crops may supersede natural weeds. They may prove to be harmful for natural plants. Undesirable genetic mutations can lead to allergies in crops. Some believe that genetic engineering in foodstuffs can hamper their nutritional value while enhancing their taste and appearance.

    May Introduce Harmful Pathogens
    Horizontal gene transfer can give rise to new pathogens. While increasing the immunity to diseases in plants, the resistance genes may get transferred to the harmful pathogens.

    May Lead to Genetic Defects
    Gene therapy in human beings can have certain side effects. While treating one defect, the therapy may lead to another. As one cell is responsible for many characteristics, the isolation of cells responsible for a single trait is indeed difficult.

    Detrimental to Genetic Diversity
    Genetic engineering can hamper the diversity in human beings. Cloning can be detrimental to individuality. Moreover, such processes may not be affordable for the masses, thus making gene therapy, an impossibility for the common man.

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