Does gentrification hurt the prospects of those peoples displaced in the process?

  • No longer afford it

    Gentrification drives house prices up so high that longtime home owners can’t afford the property tax. Can’t take the pay cut to work in the new, Pretty buildings, But can’t afford to shop/eat there, Either. Gentrification is a lose-lose for towns across New England. Doesn’t help job prospects or residents. Developers and nouveau riche — get outta town!

  • Gentrification is wrong.

    I don't know about y'all, but i would not want to be kicked out of my home and neighborhood just because some rich brats want to "renovate" it. If you weren't there from the very beginning, then you don't have the right, neither do you deserve, to change our neighborhood.

  • Losing your home

    Imagine a huge wave of people moving into your neighborhood, changing the entire landscape and raising the property values, forcing you out of your own home, the place you've lived all your life and perhaps the place where your family has lived, and sending you out into nothingness. Gentrification may clean up a neighborhood, but only in the process of completely changing it.

  • They have to change.

    Yes, gentrification hurts the prospects of those peoples displaced in the process, because they feel like they don't have any say in the process. The people moving probably don't want to leave their homes or leave their families, jobs, and lives. They shouldn't be forced out for the greater good. They should only have to leave if they want to.

  • Not All Of The Time

    I do not believe gentrification hurts the prospects of those people displaced in the process all of the time. Gentrification is generally thought of as a good thing for a neighborhood because it usually ends up with the pre-existing buildings being in better shape and lasting longer than they would have without gentrification. I think there is also a potential for those being displaced to profit if they happen to own their property. If they don't, they never paid anything towards that, so they certainly shouldn't profit.

  • Gentrification is healthy

    Gentrification does not affect negatively those are are displaced by the process. Gentrification is just a cycle that occurs that is good for the area. Those that have to move, have to relocate for a reason. And that reason is usually because they can not afford to live there anymore.

  • Gentrification does not actually displace people, so no

    Gentrification is assumed by some to be this evil thing that actually displaces people out of neighborhoods they can no longer afford, but research does not actually show that people move out of these neighborhoods at higher rates than communities in general. Since there is no demonstrated effect of gentrification forcing population migration, there is no way to prove harm is being done.

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