Does giving out condoms lead to irresponsibility?

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  • Not properly educating young people regarding the use of contraceptives leads irresponsibility.

    Handing out contraceptives does not in and of itself lead to irresponsibility. The gap arises when young people are provided with contraceptives without proper instruction on how to use them as well as information on the limits of their effectiveness in protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Passing out condoms without educating youth about them sends a subconscious message that condoms make them invincible against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases which, unless they are used properly, is not the case.

  • No, handing out free condoms does not lead to irresponsibility

    No, giving out condoms does not lead to irresponsibility. I feel that, if anything, it teaches people to practice safer sex. By not giving out condoms does not reduce the sexual activity that goes on. People will continue to find and/or purchase them. It would be like if parents did not teach their children about sex because they are afraid they might go out and do it. We all know they will at some point so why not give them the advice and the condoms to protect them. Unless you want your sixteen year old to announce the pregnancy at the dinner table.

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