• Yes, on comedy central.

    The guy is funny enough to slot in between John Stewart and Steven Colbert as the third funny news section. I mean its hilarious and he deserves his show there. In terms of real news he deserves to get locked up in a prison and get the key thrown away fro all the conspiracies he sows. Can anyone say fruit loops without thinking of Beck.

  • He can do it!

    He has tons of followers, he has talent, and he could make money doing it. Right now he has his own network he is trying to get off the ground and yeah i think it deserves to be on television. Anyone should be able to get a show up and running if they want. The networks shouldn't be allowed to discriminate based on ideological grounds only on the profitability of a program.

  • I suppose so

    Glenn Beck has worked hard on growing his own crop of lunatics that feed off of his every intentionally stupid word, he might be somewhat dangerous but not in a way that should ban him from being able to be televised. His brand is horrible as are all products he touches but it doesn't make him a dumb business person.

  • Yes, I think he has been very successfull on many different mediums.

    Yes, I think he has been very successful on many different mediums. Glenn Beck has the ability to connect with people and that can come across really well on TV. I feel that a TV show can really highlight the natural talents he has. I think a show is defiantly worth a shot.

  • No, he does not.

    He has very extreme views and often says things that are not only openly homophobic but also very racist. I think his own program would lead to less censoring and more awful thoughts being shared with the public. I also don't think his viewers will leave fox to tune into an internet show.

  • Beck had his chance at a TV show

    Beck had a TV show which ended up being cancelled for very good reason. Beck was too extreme and too far right for FOX News - and that says a lot about his views. Having said that, deserve has nothing to do with someone gets to have a show, and I wouldn't be surprised if he got one.

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