• Climate change is causing changes in global air circulation.

    Deserts of the world are where they are because of "Hadley Cells", which are up dwelling movements of air at the tropics, which descend north and south of the Equator, creating high pressure areas in areas like the middle East and the Soutwest U.S., keeping moisture laden air from entering these high pressure areas. The warming climate is making These cells more powerful, enlarging the areas of desertification.

  • Heck ya it does

    Has anyone ever wondered why it rains less in the summer time? That is because it is usually so much more hotter out, that it evaporates a lot of the moisture in the air. That is why a lot of times you will see early morning clouds, but by noon the sun has burned right though all the clouds and dispersed them. The warmer the planet gets, the less chance rain clouds have to form. If places are getting a lot of rain, it is probably because the arctic is melting and once it melts, everyone is going to be in trouble.

  • Global Warming causes drought.

    I believe that Global warming causes drought. There is plenty of documentation out there that prooves that Global warming is real and is currently happening. Global warming causes all sort of extreme weather events including droughts. The extreme weather will continue to happen as more time passes, whether or not it is caused by humans.

  • Global Warming does cause drought

    Yes, global warming causes drought. Global warming causes many unpredictable climate changes. With such climate changes, there is the chance of a decline in rainfall. With less rainfall and less humidity, there is an increased likelihood of drought occurring. With increased drought, farmers' crops will suffer and our food supply will decline.

  • No it doesnt

    Global warming does not have enough power to impact the weather, in fact, it is supposed to add more moisture to the air. But maybe in a century or so, global warming might have enough power to affect the weather a tiny bit. Not too much though. :) :) :)

  • Not enough research out there to support that.

    I think that we don't know enough about global warming to figure out if it's the cause of drought. While it's more than likely affecting the weather patterns, which redistribute rain, there is no concrete proof this is happening. More research is needed to see if global warming is causing conditions of drought.

  • It is just weather.

    No, global warming does not cause drought, because droughts are a matter of weather, rather than climate change. Global warming does not have a big enough impact on the world that it changes the weather. The temperature might be increased one or two, but that is not enough to cause droughts.

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