• With Aaron Hernandez, President Bashir Assad, and James Holmes in the news . . .

    Yes, God creates natural disasters to punish communities for what they defend and how they behave! With Aaron Hernandez in the news (and people defending him for his alleged crimes), Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (the Boston bomber) finding advocates in the general public, and the swelling racism toward our first black President, it's no wonder god is smashing communities with tornadoes, hurricanes, even a long streak of miserable unemployment!

    Intelligent life is very special in this universe, and those that defend or encourage bad behavior on the planet present a problem to the long-term durability of intelligent biological life. God ABSOLUTELY injures and pains those that promote destructive habits! Jesus, who was innocent, died for the sins of the guilty. He was executed in place of a murderer--who was freed.

    Our sins today CONTINUE to kill innocent life. Natural calamities and viral outbreaks are intended to make us reflect on our ways--and I see very little of this today!

    Bottom line: God creates natural disasters to eradicate dangerous cancers on this Earth. If you don't want them to happen, don't sin.

  • He is Sovereign

    If he does not allow it - then he creates it!! Since the fall, we live in an imperfect world. One thing we have to remember is that the world is fallen. The Bible says that when man fell into sin, all of nature was cursed. In other words, it was impossible for a sinful man to live in a perfect environment of paradise, so all of nature is cursed.

  • Yes, God can and has created natural disasters.

    Consider the great flood of Noah's time. The Bible clearly shows why God allowed this to happen. God may have created the flood, but man's disobedience was the reason why He did this. Sometimes, God will use natural disasters for His own glory. After the flood, He promised man He would never wipe mankind out again, but He never said He would no longer continue to teach us. The important thing to remember is that God is fair and just, and there is a reason for everything.

  • No he does not

    God does not create natural disasters, as God does not exist. Since God does not exist, well, natural disasters cannot be the product of what does not exist, now can they? Natural disasters wouldn't exactly conform to the idea of a designed planet and life in the image of God, now would it?

  • Man's Stewardship of the Earth

    Man has managed the Earth without petitioning God in decisions. Clear cutting alone cause many natural disasters. Stewardship of the Earth has been fueled by greed without regard to the effect on the Earth's surface. Bodies of water are damn to create land. The justification are many. The land was needed for grazing or housing development. There are now no trees in that area. A high concentration of carbon dioxide which can be converted into oxygen because of no tree. The man made imbalance of nature is blamed on God but it was man that made the lone decision.

  • Disasters are the consequence of human's decisions

    God never wants us to suffer from the world. He gives us free will to make choices but human decide to hate and to be intolerant. People want to win, compete, and to indulging themselves in evil things. The disasters come after their decisions. I believe never creates "natural" disasters.

  • We Have Created Them Ourselves

    No, God does not create natural disasters. Natural disasters are a direct result of our complete and total disregard for this planet and its resources. People must realize that over the years we have destroyed most forests, contaminated and polluted our lakes, rivers and oceans, pumped billions of barrels of oil out of the earth, and nearly depleted the earth’s ozone layer. We cannot continue to remove and deplete resources and not expect to suffer massive earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes.

  • No, nature creates natural disasters.

    I know it's very tempting for humans to try to find a larger reason behind the terrible things that happen. There's nothing wrong with turning to God or whatever religion for support or answers, but I believe in the Earth as Science sees it. Earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, these all have scientific explanations.

  • Definitely Not!

    I do not believe in the existence of God and even if I did I would not believe he/she is what causes natural disasters. Natural disasters are just that.. natural. They are a natural occurrence of nature that is controlled by who knows how many various factors. Weather, climate, shifting of land mass.. who really knows? It's incredibly silly to blame 'God' for something that has been occurring since the Earth was born.

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