• The idea that something came from nothing is ludicrous.

    Science is based on the premise that everything comes from something. To think that something originated from absolutely nothing is unreasonable and illogical. It would be ridiculous to look around us at all the intricacies and complexities of nature and deny the existence of a higher power and to say that all these things happened by random chance.

    Posted by: R0m4nticCar
  • God absolutely exists, there is an endless amount of evidence that proves His existence.

    If a person decides that they are going to look for God there is no question that they will find Him because He is everywhere. The Bible says that creation declares the glory of God. He is speaking to the world through the church, who is proclaiming the free gift of eternal life through Jesus of Nazareth. The personal testimonies of a billion people that have experienced Him, myself included, declare that He exists. John 3 says it all, "For God so loved the world that He sent His Son, that whosoever would believe in Him would have eternal life."

    Posted by: TasticBran

    If God didn't exist we wouldn't be here. Somthing can't come from nothing. We have proof right under our nose. It's the HOLY BIBLE.

  • Yes, there is even scientific evidence of a superior beings existance

    Every group of people, every civilization believed in God or some form of after life. That is more than the people in the world squared. They can't all be wrong can they?

    Science involves the rejection of the belief of God but Science actually proves Gods existence. You can't destroy matter. The "Big Bang" tells of everything coming into existence out of nothing. Well obviously there must be something to have made everything, everything has a creator.

  • Look Around at God's Creation!!!

    Okay, seriously? If you would just look at the wonderful world God created for our own enjoyment, there would be no denial of his presence. You can't tell me that everything just kind of started on its own. How do you think we came along? Don't you dare tell me we "evolved" from MONKEYS. God created us in his own image, not the image of a monkey.

    If you think you have to authority to say that there is no God, then why don't you tell me where the wind comes from. Tell me what happened when the first star was made, and what caused it to be. Tell me what the universe is made of and how far it stretches. When was the first morning? If you know these things, you can indeed say there is no God, for He is the one who knows all of these things, and more.

  • God does exist :)

    If the big bang happened, then our world would be deformed. Things would be constantly changing. Evolution is a theory based on getting better. (a theory is something that hasn't been proven.) god's existence can be proven by all the things that has been created. A single cell is complex itself! People say us humans came from monkeys. Wouldn't it be better if we had a tail? A tail would be so useful for us, it'd be like a third hand! Also, how does a tree know how to grow upwards? How does the sun know how to rise in the east and set in the west? I know there are many conflicts happening these days, but they're happening for a reason. God does things for a purpose. Whatever it is, it can be furthered for one to grow closer to him.

  • Yes GOD Exists, Some are Arrogant to express it and some are Ignorant.

    Yes GOD Exists, Some are Arrogant to express it and some are Ignorant.

    From the moment man opens his eyes to this world a great order surrounds him. He needs oxygen to survive. It is interesting that the atmosphere of the planet on which he lives provides more than just the adequate amount of oxygen he needs. This way, he breathes without difficulty. For the existence of life on this planet, the existence of a source of heat is essential. In response to this need, the sun is located just at the right distance to emit just the exact amount of heat and energy man needs. Man needs nourishment to survive. Every corner of the world abounds in astonishingly diversified provisions. Likewise, man needs water. Surprisingly, three-fourths of the planet is covered with water. Man needs shelter, and in this world, there is land on which it is suitable to build and all sorts of materials to make shelters.

    These are only a few among billions of details making life possible on earth. In brief, man lives on a planet perfectly designed for his survival. This is certainly a planet "created for human beings". To Claim All these things came by it's own will be the Biggest Lie the world Ever Heard.

    In every detail of the infinitely varied world, man finds his Creator. God, the owner of everything in the whole universe, introduces Himself to man through the flawless design of His creation. Everything surrounding us, the birds in flight, our beating hearts, the birth of a child or the existence of the sun in the sky, manifest the power of God and His creation. And what man must do is to understand this fact. These purposes owe their existence to the fact that everything has been created. An intelligent person notices that plan, design and wisdom exist in every detail of the infinitely varied world. This draws him to recognition of the Creator.

    The existence of God is OBVIOUS. Ignoring it would only be the beginning of the greatest damage we could ever do to ourselves. That is simply because God is in no need of anything. He is the One Who shows His greatness in all things and in all ways. God is the owner of everything, from the heavens to the earth.

    We learn the attributes of God from the Qur'an: God! There is no god but Him, the Living, the Self-Sustaining. He is not subject to drowsiness or sleep. Everything in the heavens and the earth belongs to Him. Who can intercede with Him except by His permission? He knows what is before them and what is behind them but they cannot grasp any of His knowledge save what He wills. His Footstool encompasses the heavens and the earth and their preservation does not tire Him. He is the Most High, the Magnificent. (Surat al-Baqarah: 255)

  • Yes, God does exist.

    Everybody is talking about evidence and facts, and that there is no proof that God exists. We are all made by God and thinking hat we evolved from nothing after the big bang is silly I think. Wouldn't the explosion have destroyed everything on earth anyway? I don't know how scientists explain that so speak no more of. But I do know this. You cannot see love, or hate or happiness, but you can see the effects of them. I am not comparing God to a feeling, because He is so much more than that, but think of it that way if you want logic. You have to have faith in God. Faith is believing in what you do not see, and even if you have faith, you will not instantly be able see God. The only way you will ever get proof is when you die and then if you do not believe, it's a bit too late.

  • There is absolutely no way that everything around us, happened by chance, or all started up from science.

    i mean, yeah science is evident now, but there is no way that everything, came from a big explosion from nothing. i refuse to believe that.

  • God exists because physical laws tell us that energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed, so where did the energy originate?

    No matter if it's the Big Bang or other origin of the universe that declares it is not by creation the very laws that make up this universe scream that there truly is a God. As a physicist where the original source of energy came from. They can take you on a road back to the Big Bang using scientific theory, but they cannot tell you where the source of all the energy of our universe came from.

    Posted by: Z Frye
  • All of the "reasons" for religion have logical fallacies.

    1. "I feel God's presence." Sure, it could be God's presence... Or you could simply be delusional.
    2. "God works in mysterious ways." This is a religious person's way of saying "I don't know."
    3. "Everything must have a creator." What about your God? According to you, nobody created him. So how is it illogical to you that certain particles have existed for all eternity, just as you believe your God has.
    4. "The Bible (or whatever religious book) says so." But your religion is FORMED ON THE BOOK. If you want proof for anything, you need to use an outside source.
    5. "Evolution is only a theory." Yep, it's only a theory... Kind of like gravity. Take a look at all the paleontological evidence. You will find that between the times of the dinosaurs and the birds, there was a cross between the two, called the Archaeopteryx. This is just one example of evolution.

  • It isn't likely.

    To argue for anything without evidence and then to ignorantly substitute evidence with the word faith and call it proof is to deny reality. While some forms of atheism are arrogant I do believe that agnosticism is the correct stance on this issue and until further evidence is displayed on the side that is arguing to prove something exists instead of taking the default position which is to deny something that lacks demonstrable evidence. I do very wish this poll had a "No, but there is a chance" option I could pick so as to not sound so arrogant, but unfortunately, this is not the case.

    I do object to the idea of organized religion in the sense that they are almost based entirely on myths which are often disproved using modern scientific research, conductive thinking, and logic. They also serve to promote violence, discrimination, and serve to make others think better of themselves than others.

    Absence of evidence does not mean evidence of absence, this is correct. However, as Robert Flint said

    : "If a man have failed to find any good reason for believing that there is a God, it is perfectly natural and rational that he should not believe that there is a God; and if so, he is an atheist, although he assume no superhuman knowledge, but merely the ordinary human power of judging of evidence. If he go farther, and, after an investigation into the nature and reach of human knowledge, ending in the conclusion that the existence of God is incapable of proof, cease to believe in it on the ground that he cannot know it to be true, he is an agnostic and also an atheist, an agnostic-atheist—an atheist because an agnostic."

    Furthermore, evolution is a fact. To argue against it is silly and if you honestly wish to deny it I would hope you research more and climb out of the bubble you seem to residing in and join us in the 21st century where modern scientific theory reigns over the superstitious myths of old. (If you honestly wish to say that it's just a theory I would laugh in your face.) Evolution can be demonstrated today and the historical evidence for its occurrence in the past is overwhelming. However, biologists readily admit that they are less certain of the exact mechanism of evolution; and this is where the word theory comes into play.
    Some people on the yes side seem to be either Steven Colbert knock-offs or just fundamentally misunderstand the Big-Bang-Theory. Seriously, do some research. "Wouldn't the big bang have destroyed everything on Earth anyway" This seriously made my night. No my dear sir, it wouldn't have. The universe wouldn't have existed at this time and since guess what? EARTH IS IN THE UNIVERSE. Earth wouldn't have existed.

    Most people on the yes side are using commonly debunked arguments such as: God of the gaps, the cosmological argument, and numerous arguments from ignorance and basic understanding of the theories they seem to be able to disprove, this does not make their argument incorrect, however, I do wish they would delve more deeply into such subjects before making an uninformed opinion.

  • No, because religion is only designed to keep people down.

    Throughout history, every civilization has prayed to something, ranging from multiple gods, to numbers and stars. The whole premise of religion is to get people to accept their given plight in life as god's will. Capitalizing god even makes it more ridiculous and legitimizes peoples beliefs. There is no god, if there was, then where the heck is it?

    Posted by: MarriedKelvin72
  • There Is Scientific Evidence

    God doesn't exist because there is too much actual scientific evidence proving that it doesn't. Also, people invented God because they NEEDED to believe in something to help them through hard times. I don't know why people would try to invent something fake to believe in but since they do, I guess that there is a reason. I personally think that anyone who is worshiping God and going to church x times a week is definitely wasting their time.

  • Where is their Punishment?

    Tell me why has there been so much destruction in the modern world? If we are all children of 'God' then why do we not all follow his so called 'commandments', answer that. Is it because the ones who rebel against gods existence are the ones who have broken free from the clutches. Maybe God is a myth like all the other various myths that are in our world. I for one support no religion for the single reason: 'Why do human beings behave in the way we do? War, murder, rape, child molestors... If God where real why do some of these horrible people get away with such things? What sort of God dose not punish these disgusting people?

  • No - Imperfection and Evolution

    If there was a higher power that was responsible for everything that has and will happen on Earth, then Earth would be perfect. The theory of evolution, produced by Darwin, states that there isn't a 'God' at all. There is no authenticated evidence to suggest that 'God' does exist. Whereas, there is more than enough evidence to support Darwin's theory.

    For example: human embryos, very early on in development, are almost identical to that of a fish. Embryos are clear signs of evolution as there are many similarities between human embryos and fish embryos, these are also almost identical to embryos of birds and reptiles, not just fish.

    The human eye is imperfect, if there was a 'God', surely he would design us so that we were perfect beings, there wouldn't be a blind spot for example. There are small things like this which also help back up the theory of NO 'God'.

    Overall, there is a vast, overwhelming amount of evidence supporting evolution and that there is NOT a God.

    Compelled to debate? Find me on Twitter: RogueProtocol

  • Sorry, I disagree with the sentence that god exist. No one have seen god and in this world of science everything needs to be explained with proofs. Rather, I would say god is a power which holds your mind over your heart and makes you feel comfortable.

    Saibaba, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna all are called god, but they were human first in some era. Rather, there are fantastic stories about god, which we also believe sometimes.

    Posted by: R4v3nIsaak
  • There is absolutely no evidence supporting this "God".

    You can try and say that the bible is proof of his existence, however we have to take into account that this is a book that was written in a foreign, scrappy language 2000 years ago. It is full of historical inaccuracies and self contradictions and 2000 years leaves a big window for many mistranslations, which there are. I cannot say that this source is in any way reliable. The bible was written to explain what people at the time didn't understand and to ease their fears of death by saying that if you 'believe' and 'repent' that you'll live forever in paradise.

  • How do you prove something that doesn't exist?

    Proving non-existence: when an arguer cannot provide the evidence for his claims, he may challenge his opponent to prove it doesn't exist (e.G., prove God doesn't exist; prove UFO's haven't visited earth, etc.). Although one may prove non-existence in special limitations, such as showing that a box does not contain certain items, one cannot prove universal or absolute non-existence, or non-existence out of ignorance. One cannot prove something that does not exist. The proof of existence must come from those who make the claims.

  • Logical Thinking and Science

    The bible says that being homosexual is a sin.. So why would a "God" have created people that ARE homosexual? It makes absolutely no sense. People want to believe in a God because they don't understand the many complexities of science. They don't want to accept that there is no higher being that is everywhere, they don't want to be alone, but the facts and the science prove to us that there is no such thing as a God. The power of the universe is the closest thing to "higher being" than anything else. It's the dim witted whom believe that someone could have created us. Evolution and chance are what created us, not something or someone that has never shown it's power to our population.

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Anonymous says2013-03-03T03:58:34.180
I do believe in God.. and I am not going to write and explain why.. But all I can say is, I know for a fact whoever don't believe in God one day they will, and sadly that is going to be the day they seem lost in this world or they going through rough times or even when they are about to die. They are going to think of God and say his name.. and ask for forgiveness.
Jess.Lynn says2013-04-08T17:35:55.377
No I wont.
Anonymous says2013-06-27T15:52:02.933
Personally I don't abide to any religion just throwing that our there. Good portion of my beliefs resign in Buddhist philosophy, what ive learned through experience, mistakes, and things ive learned through my years on this planet. I am not saying there is or isn't a god, but maybe a higher power or god like being. I grew up in a christian family and i have always been the type of person to question and analyze things. I just dont see the sense in believing in something just solely, because you read it in a book and dont at least question it a little bit and a lot of people just tend to conform and don't question. I dont see why you should have to live this sole way or you will be banned to some mythical place or need some theoretical god like being to help you change and obtain happiness or peace.
With Christianity it can teach you good morals, values, but there is no reason with it and I have spent so much time just thinking about it and quite often each conclusion just to lead to well there's another lie or a dead end. "It is full of interest. It has noble poetry in it; and some clever fables; and some blood-drenched history; and some good morals; and a wealth of obscenity; and upwards of a thousand lies." - mark twain. Truly a brilliant man.

Take this into account 300 years ago we were just discovering the world isn't actually flat and we aren't the center of everything. The bible has been around for the past 2000yrs. I can see how they probably thought giant moving clouds of majestic water vapor was the heavens and probably thought the sun was god. Then a hand full of decently intelligent people wrote about how they spoke the word of god and you know what? They're going to listen to the semi-somewhat intelligent guy, because they're uneducated. When what those who wrote the books were actually experiencing was "self actualization or enlightenment." Thinking that this rush of clarity, knowledge, moments of euphoria, and happiness was all from this god and to make sure they stayed like that they had to worship him or something.

I have found peace within myself all on my own without the help of, "Jesus Christ." I am only 19, i am a completely different person from who I was a year ago, and "I" myself as an individual made the commitment to change who I was. I know fully of what it is that I want to do with my life and will stop at nothing to fulfill my goals, and have realized there is nothing that one can't accomplish in this world. I am happy with who I am and that's all that should matter, i have found my passion, and it is self-expression my core passion is creative writing. I am a musician, i draw, write, and i have a laundry list of hobbies and i continue to question things thinking for myself not letting others do my thinking. Personally i don't fear death and I don't see why any one should, because to live your life in fear of something that WILL happen eventually is just senseless and is hard to find peace. I also agree with NYC_MC "do not believe everything you read." That is very very true. I just don't see the sense of solely believing in what a book says solely, because a book says it and people force you into believing in it at a very young age. Why not believe in your dreams or just be yourself. Then and what if there is no after life and you actually ended up wasting your entire life worshipping some god that most likely doesn't exist. The afterlife may be possible, but i am not going to let a book that is thousands of years old decide my fate.

Here is a very wise quote by someone who was around 500years before Jesus Christ was even a sperm cell, "Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment." - Buddha. Let the future come when it comes and just be yourself.

I am fully aware of the suffering that goes on this world and you know what suffering can do? It can only make you stronger. Don't pity yourself, because there is always someone that has had it worse or just as bad as you. Why depend on some god to give you peace or happiness? Here's more wisdom "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.- Buddha." And there is no "true meaning" to life it is YOU who give life meaning.
Anonymous says2013-07-14T19:10:41.057
Reasons to Believe in God

I am not going to force my religion on you. If you are athiest, agnostic, buddhist, islam, or a christian of curiousity I have listed proofs of God, so that those if you who read this can at the very least consider what proofs I can offer you.

The Bible:
1.Was written more than 2,500-3,000 years ago
2. By 42 different authors
3. In 3 different countrys
4. Despite these things, the bible doesnt once contradict itself
5. Most of the authors didnt even know each other either
6. The bible goes against hman nature, all men for themselves
7. Instead all of each other & the Lord
8. In the old testament, there were approximately 1,239 prophecies.
9. Roughly 1,000 years after the last prophecy, a man named jesus christ was born
10. He fulfilled all 365 messiahic prophecies from the old testament
11. Jesus Christ, unlike many other religious based idols (buddha for example, sorry if you are buddhist no offense intended) was a real person
12. Over 500 eyewitnesses watched Jesus rise from the grave after the 3rd day.
13. Hundreds of people, after Jesus's death were prosocuted for their faith in Christ. Why would they die for someone who didnt exist.
14. The new testament has over 578 prophecies that are still being fulfilled today.
15. There are fossil & archeoligcal records of animals in very high mountains, and many people too, thus proofing there was a worldwide flood.

Science & the Bible
Do not contradict each other, & the bible does not have these word for word due to the differences between bibical & modern day vocabulary.
1. The earth free-floats in space (Job 26:7),
2. Creation is made of particles, indiscernible to our eyes (Hebrews 11:3
3. When dealing with disease, clothes and body should be washed under running water (Leviticus 15:13)
4. Blood is the source of life and health (Leviticus 17:11; 14).
5.The sun goes in a circuit (Psalm 19:6).
6. God has given us just the right amount of water to sustain life (Isaiah 40:12).
7.The universe is expanding (Job 9:8; Isaiah 42:5; Jeremiah 51:15; Zechariah 12:1)
8. Law of Biogenesis found in the 1st chapter of the bible. Scientists state that 'life only comes from existing life'. This law cant be broken (as evolution imagines). Therefore God’s life, created all life.
9. Animal and plant extinction explained (Jeremiah 12:4; Hosea 4:3)
10. Light travels in a path (Job 38:19)
11. Air has weight (Job 28:25)
12. Wind Cycles explained (Ecclesiates 1:6)
13. Black holes and dark matter anticipated (Matthew 25:30; Jude 1:13; Isaiah 50:3).
14.31. The continents were created as one large land mass (Genesis 1:9-10). A.K.A Pangea
15.Life begins at fertilization (Jeremiah 1:5).



Anonymous says2013-08-15T02:37:35.950
I think the question "Does God Exist?" itself is self-contradictory and meaningless because "Existence" is the opposite of Void or none existence and
in order for something to exist it must be brought into existence, meaning it must be created out of nothing. That is what everyone refers to as the concept of God, the one that brought everything into being or existence out of nothing. So I ask you, can existence apply to God? Can God come into existence ? If you can prove what exists at some point did not exist, then you can say something brought it into existence and then and only then you can have a reference to something beyond void and existence, beyond your imagination and say something is doing this, something is creating all this. But you can't and should not say God exists or doesn't exist. It's way beyond that.
jasonnn says2014-01-16T16:56:59.050
Stupid, stupid question. Why not just ask "Are children who are being raised by same-sex couples at a disadvantage?". Nature has very little to do with it. A monogamous relationship at all has nothing to do with nature; it is what makes us human - the ability to go beyond nature. Nature would have me fight another to the death for a mate, to do anything for my own survival. We have laws because we deny ourselves our "natural" state and impulses.
Gilesthewizard says2014-01-29T02:22:51.173
When I'm dying, I'm going to convert on my deathbed. Then I'll say, "NOT!" And laugh until I choke to death.
eli845 says2015-03-18T05:47:43.763
Anonymous (1 of them) posted here (in number 10) that he fulfilled all 365 prophecies in the old testament. That is simply not true. One of the prophecies is that he will take together all the Jews from all corners of the world. Did you see that happen? Sorry I didn't they are still all over the world...
Furyan5 says2016-03-08T20:58:23.380
It seems about even. Intelligence doesn't seem to be a deciding factor as I've seen both intelligent and ridiculous comments coming from both quarters. Possibly upbringing plays a role but I'd like to consider another possibility. Not something that will answer the question but rather explain why people are so sure of their beliefs. Do humans possess a sense of presence? Can some feel a force greater than ourselves? Like a baby would feel its mother looking over it. The way we can feel if someone is looking at us? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's God. I'm not saying it's not. But having or lacking such a sense would make one certain of their beliefs but without the ability to explain how. Like trying to explain color to a blind person. You can't. Unless they see it too.

Just a thought.
mandert2000 says2021-04-10T09:30:44.437
Whoever that says "suffering makes you stronger" is spewing pure bullshit! Like a pain loving self abusive machochist!
Suffering should be aimed to be eliminated, Or at least lessened.
If god exist, Then why is there so much overwhelming sufferings and pains and injustice and evil in this world? ! ? ! Therefore no almighty benevolent God can exist for this world.

What makes more sense is: It is up to each and every single one of us to overcome the suffering and trials of our own life: we are the makers of our own triumph and demise, And learn vaulable lessons in the interim, But most importantly NOT TO REPEAT the sufferings of life and death cycles. There is no absolute God to rely, But each person's own actions determines his/her own fate.

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