• Yes

    God does exist, in my humble opinion. There are a lot of examples that God exist, such as the Bible. A book written over a period of thousands of years, with a constant and continual message that does not change. Also looking at the world today, all of the advanced countries in the world, going into the 20th century, have their foundations sent in Christianity. Even a tiny country like England was able to colonized most of the world, becoming know as the country that the Sun does not sit, because it was Christian.


    Hello, Many of us simply deny the existence of god bcoz there is no evidence before them, I read the opinions of those who deny his existence and they are saying that if god would have been there , he wouldn't have given pain to the people ... . Oh Dear.. Just grow up
    If wrongdoers are not given punishment , why would anyone hesitate to give pain to the people.???
    GOD was there , is there and will be....
    You just can't say that the Holy Bible is wrong , bcoz u thing so ..
    Bible is compilation of thousand of books , written over thousand of years, it is not simply just a book.
    Moreover , see any other religious book, everybook or religion say that there is a power which is controlling the whole universe and that is the power of GOD..
    And just think for a minute, are you more intelligent than those books , those writers and everything else.
    Is your experience bigger than them??... Are billions of people who pray are fool..??? Are thousand of miracle that people experienced are wrong????.. Like Getting rid of a big desease when doctors couldn't heal..
    Now don't say that your person thinking is bigger than everything else.. Just believe in GOD.. And you will feel his presence.. :-)

  • Of course

    God can been seen through various evidences. As it stands, it is a logical conclusion to the question, how do we exist? Since there is no other answer, its unconscionable to jump against the only existing one. In the old testament, God made himself known by revealing scientific information to prophets years before they were known to the rest of the world. For example, it was known to Job that the earth was round even though the Egyptians of his time believed it was a cube, then later a flat disc. Job wasn't a genius and he had no way to work out that planets looked like that, so the only answer was that he was told it.

  • God does exist

    God exists, I mean how could God not exist. If you look at the universe and notice how earth is the only living planet and how precise and accurate Earth is made, and by chance I don't think it's possible that all of a sudden a big banged happen by itself to create this. Can you truly say that when you've never been there yourself, Why do you think numbers and theory's can be so true when it can't be proved. Man can't say that this happened, Science is the study of Gods creation. You can't say anything to back up anything but just theories and thoughts. God exist's and that is a fact, the reason why this religion thrived is because God is real. The reason you and me got to receive this message of good news is because of God, Jesus' sacrifice for us. Stop being so stubborn and prideful, Let God prove himself and stop letting him not get the chance to prove himself to you. Don't be blind yourself and look at the miracles God is doing. Yes the world may be suffering, but this is allowed to glorify God and I know you won't understand that. Although, Why talk about all these suffering when we all are ignoring these Issues. Instead of trying to be right, lets focus on the work of God, and serving those in need.

  • Yes God EXISTS!

    There has been proof that God exists. For example, when Moses crossed the red sea with the people of Israel and the Egyptians were after them. Researchers have surprisingly found parts of chariots, deep at the bottom of the red sea. The parts of the chariots have been found going in the direction of where Moses crossed with the people of Israel. There has been loads of proof laid out to people but they still don't believe in GOD but I DO!

  • Yes he most

    Certainly does I was a non believer until one day I was out walking my dog and meditating on the meaning of life when all of a sudden the dog ran off into a field for no reason ... I gave chase and finally found him staring at a man with a beard and a weather beaten appearance he was drinking sherry from a bottle in a brown paper bag and I asked " who are you " he replied "I'm God " so yes he does exist.

  • Nothing Comes From Nothing - Scientifically Speaking

    If all the matter in the universe came from the Big Bang that must have been one huge chunk of rock! Where did it come from? Did it always exist with no beginning? Science says that is impossible. Atheists always say "Who created God? Meaning that everything has to have a beginning. Except the matter in the giant rock - it always existed. Did it grow from a little rock? Was it once just one lonely single atom floating in space. Where did it come from? One minute it didn't exist then - poof! - an atom! From nothing! Even an atheist knows that's impossible. The more knowledge we amass over the centuries the more we see evidence of intelligent design.
    Even Darwin admitted - "Not one change of species into another is on record ... We cannot prove that a single species has been changed." So even though we can't PROVE God's existence there is plenty of evidence everywhere we look. But no evidence for man's theories. Just a lot of speculation and imagination. No real science but true science fiction.

  • Yes, He does.

    He exists and there's no reason to believe otherwise. Many people have proved the existence of God. I'm not saying that I can prove it, but many people can. There are various evidences, such as the Holy Bible, the internet, etc. I've even seen proof in youtube. DON'T, just DON'T ask me to show you. Find it yourself. You're not little kids anymore.

  • God exists, but does not participate

    One only has to consider the perfect order of the sciences and nature to see there must be some intelligence having designed it all. This intelligence is my definition of God. The error is, in my opinion, the belief in divine participation. God will not intercede in our affairs any more than He will interfere in the perfect laws of science or nature. God made a perfect world. Man tries to improve on perfection and creates evil. Physicians will one day discover relatively mild diseases are potentiated to killers by antibiotics, for example. We are the malevolent being.

  • Yes he does

    Does God exist in my opinion, well I would have to say yes in my opinion, I think behind nature is a brain and nature does not simply work by random chance....This is my opinion.... I believe the appearance of nature is a combination of chemicals, and these chemicals are not combining automatically....Behind nature is brain.... ...... ..... ... ...... ... ...... ... .....

  • Logic Points to No God

    In the "yes" side, Smithereens says, "God can been seen through various evidences. As it stands, it is a logical conclusion to the question, how do we exist? Since there is no other answer, its unconscionable to jump against the only existing one." There are many flaws with this statement. First, there is more than one existing explanation. There are many religions, each with their own explanations. For example, the Ancient Greeks believed that the titans came before the gods. You're also forgetting the scientific explanation, which is very long, yet important.
    It begins with the big bang. No one quite knows what caused it, but it didn't originate form nowhere. because of a thing called the "Doppler effect," things going toward you will appear slightly blue, and things going away will appear slightly red. Because many space bodies show a red shift, scientists know that the universe is expanding. If you trace them back, you find that everything originates from one point, hence the big bang theory and the predicted age of the universe. Continuing on, after the big bang, there was the matter-antimatter battle. When matter and antimatter collided, they would disappear in an explosion. All of the matter you see today is just leftover from that; there was more matter than antimatter. The leftover matter was subatomic particles, but these particles eventually came together to form Hydrogen (with some Helium and Lithium mixed in). Due to gravity, these Hydrogen atoms come together to form stars (suns). Then, the star starts to produce more Hydrogen, until it can't anymore. The Hydrogen atoms will then fuse together to form Helium, until it can't produce any more Helium, and so on. This process continues until you get to Iron. Once the star can't produce any more Iron, the star explodes into a supernova. This powerful explosion may cause the elements made by the star to fuse and create denser elements, like gold and silver. Now, more stars can be made form the leftover Hydrogen, and the other elements can be made into planets.
    As for life on Earth, one popular theory is that when the Earth was very hot, almost uninhabitable, and bubbling, elements were tossed around until the perfect combination was formed. At this point, life could start to reproduce and evolution could take its course...
    I see no place where God could fit in to this story. where, exactly, would he be? Even so, if God did exist, he is not a very nice one. With all of the wonders of the universe, it is merciless. Stars and planets die every day, black holes are always being made; even our Earth will end someday. Logic says that no, God cannot exist.

  • No

    The fact that people still believe in an imaginary friend from 2000 years ago is just an insult to human intellect. There is no proof of god therfore he doesnt exist until further information proves otherwise. Yes evolution is a theory but so is gravity. And as for the creation story told by christians. It doesnt even make sense. I truely hate religion. Religion makes people do evil things. When would you ever expect a sane grown man to mutilate a babys reproductive organ. Abraham almost killed his son because god told him to. More people have been killed in the name of god than in both world wars including the victims of the holocaust. The old testament supports mass genocide, slavery, and even kiling your neighbor if he works on the sabbath. So no i do not believe in this god nor would i want this tyrant to exist. Yes there are good things in the buybull but they are common sense morals. Like respecting other (including women), which the buybull says that women have no rights and are on this earth to serve man. If you can accept these things then i wouldnt want to be you and i definitly would support fictional literature or the imaginary man who instructed some guys to write a fairytale

  • If god existed, we wouldn't. It is that simple.

    If the definition of god is a maximally great being that is maximally powerful, good, loving and just there would be no maximally good reason to create anything. That would degrade the perfection. It's all perfectly logical. The fact is, god was just a primitive uninformed answer for what ancient civilizations couldn't explain. It survives only because it is control for those in power over those who either wish to be controlled or are powerless to prevent it.

  • No possibility at all

    There is no valid evidence for the existence of God moreover there are evidences for the non-existence of God.

    The Earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old where as Religion has a history of not more than 6000 years and is the main reason behind the idea of a so called non existent supreme creator.:)

  • I don't believe in magic, sorry.

    I don't believe there is an invisible man watching me in the sky who gives people magical superpowers to make people part seas in half, turn water into wine, make people live inside a whale's stomach for three days, and bring people back from the dead. I'm sorry if this offends anyone, but I just have a hard time believing that. Everyone's entitled to their own belief.

  • God is a failed hypothesis

    When you are studying any matter you should not divert yourself in what you personally believe but only ask yourself what are the facts.

    The scientific method was developed centuries ago to prevent the assertion of unproven or unprovable theories: first a hypothesis is formulated as an explanation of a particular phenomenon, based on observation or experimentation, and then that hypothesis must be tested repeatedly to provide firm evidence for its truth (sometimes requiring in the process the refinement of the original hypothesis) before it can be accepted as true. Unless repeatable empirical evidence can be presented for a claim such as “God exists”, it remains an unproven hypothesis in which belief is unwarranted.

  • I also like fairy tales but...

    The Bible is a beautiful story, the teachings are good and i have nothing against it. As beautiful and good as it is I do not believe its real. Maybe you guys have more imagination that I do but theres no proof what so ever that god does exist or existed. The proof you have is a book and this profet heard this from this guy and the other guy. Word from mouth to mouth and book to book, you do not have facts. Our foundations are set in Christianity well we killed those who didnt believe on it so who would dare not to. Native Americans were killed, Africans were killed, YET the god you claim to exist did nothing to protect this people. Ill tell you ho wi would believe in god. If millions and millions of jews hadnt been gased, shot and tortured. If he would had stop at least one of the planes that hit the twin towers. If he had mercy for those kids who are not even 5 years old and have terminal cancer. When there's not a hungry child in the poor African continent and even here in America. He had the power to create a world and he did very imperfect ONE when children die because of illness and yet he does NOT help. And remember you will go to hell if you do bad and dont believe on the flying man who lives in the sky but he LOVES YOU...

    "God can been seen through various evidences"
    -By the way I would also like to see him, do you mind telling how you guys chat? I would like to ask him a few things.

    And please check the killings of this excellent god

    Thank you and god bless

  • No he doesn’t

    Theists such as Christians are gullible. Gods are supposedly omnipotent, However if there was an omnibevolent God why does suffering and poverty exist if he is apparently omnipresent, If he was he would assist those who are in need with “miracles”. Also if there is a God he would be sexist as a quote from the bible states “no man must allow a woman to have authority over him”, As are fundamentalists.

    So overall God does not exist, Even if he did he would not be a God being

  • It was all created for control. Let me explain. . .

    I believe Christianity was created to control people. If people are told that there is an ultimate powerful decider, They will listen to him. And they throw things like 'god loves you' at people. If God loves me then why would he send me to another eternal pit of fire? Maybe it's because that sounds scary to people and will make them listen. Also, There are tons of rediculous rules Christians have to follow. Only supports my argument more.

  • Nope I do not believe in god.

    In my opinion I think that god doesn't exist as if he existed, why did he create pain in the world and why did he add murderers in the world? If god was real, I am sure he would make the world a nice world by having all innocent people.

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