• I am being forced to right now...Or as so I see it

    God will not force unless good reason. I will not say those who do not believe are fools. They do live foolish ways. Now before you take that as an insult read my first sentence again then read the one after this. I am being forced right now. How do I know? How do I know what I am experiencing right now without a single doubt, make you believe? I cannot and won't aim for that. What I will be honest with you is, all I can say is what is happening. Take it with a grain of salt, I would have, the supernatural part of it would have intrigued me tho.
    Years ago, I had caught evidence of a demon and other spiritual beings, in one picture. Events led up to me doing so, not important. Fact is, I always kept in mind I could be crazy. U can see them at all times in pics but would rather not focus on that. The things that have been discovered in the pic was revolutionary to ghost hunters, demonologists and even my psychologist and evaluating doctor. I walked away meds free. What made me seem so crazy is my obsession over proving I wasn't crazy, prior to catching it due to my reports after everyone else, in the home fell asleep. I showed everyone the pic and they could see features and everything clearly. No debate came from a single on-looker.
    I needed to know what this meant. For this thing to harass me without real harm alarmed me. If it was clowning around, well way to spend its time (sarcasm). So this monster of an ugly thing traveled with me via photo in e-mail, phone and etc. I kept showing people and always got confirmation just never what I was looking for...

  • Yes he does!

    God is very selfish and forces you to believe. You never asked to exist in the first place and yet he forces him to serve you or have eternity in hell.

    There is no point of eternal punishment as you can't put it right, unless you are evil. Especially for unbelieving... How does he except to believe in him, when he won't prove it!! BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH AS GOD, MIRACLES, HEAVEN OR HELL!!!!!!!

    All religions are designed to control by ignorant stone age men who thought the world was flat. There is thousands of religions is it not pure ignorant to think that your religion is the only right one without researching the facts? The big bang fits in with all known facts... GOD DOES NOT!!!

  • He absolutely does force us.

    I cannot believe what I'm reading in the 'No' column. Of course he's forcing us. It's called leverage. Here's a ridiculous yet accurate example: Say you hate chocolate ice cream with every part of your being. Someone comes up to you (with an unusual ability to read peoples' minds) and says, "change your mind and love chocolate ice cream." You obviously can't do that and tell him so. The guy takes out a knife and cuts just the tip off of one of your fingers and says that he'll keep going until you LOVE chocolate ice cream. A belief is simply something that you find to be true within you. You will never love chocolate ice cream and you cannot do anything about that. You're more of a vanilla kind of person. Thus, he begins to trim your fingers off over the course of a few hours because you could not make yourself believe that you love chocolate ice cream. The god of the Bible demands (forces us) that we make our minds believe in him/jesus or he'll throw us into hell. We have no choice. Another way to better understand this is if someone were, at the moment, about to commit suicide. THEY have a choice. They can put the gun down or they can pull the trigger. With god, unfortunately, the gun is in his hand. No choice. He 'shot' you because, try though you may, you could not force your mind to believe that he created everything, as well as the story of Jesus. In war, the aggressor invades a territory and tells those there that they must surrender or die. This is called using force -Jason Lunde.

  • God the gunrobber

    Telling you that you will burn in eternal hellfire for not believing is akin to a gunrobber holding a gun to your head and telling you if you don't give him $100 he'll shoot you in the head. Is that gunrobber forcing you to give him the money? Yes, he is. God is the same. In fact, God is worse, because the pain of hellfire lasts for eternity, whereas a bullet to the head might cause pain for a couple seconds.

  • God does force us

    God: "You can choose to believe me or not, but just know that you're going to be punished for all of eternity if you don't.

    Robber: "You can choose to do as I say or not, but just know that you're going to be killed if you don't."

    That doesn't really sound like free will or love to me...

  • Tries to... But can't... As I don't believe... So much for all powerful...

    Abrahamic religions vilify disbelief. They say you must believe under threat of eternal torment or some other huge punishment.

    At the same time, kind of odd that the mandate is there, but the all powerful being can't even put swaying enough evidence out there to convince everyone. Seems kind of weak for an all-powerful god.

    Yes, people say we were given free will. Kind of irrelevant when an all powerful god could just make itself known to everyone. Free will would allow me to agree or disagree with the mandates of this god, but to keep information hidden, not give enough to be convincing, seems kind of bad. And to have belief without evidence as a condition for salvation seems even worse.

  • Ugh, no you weirdo.....

    Wtf? Of course not! We make our own decisions! Of course, he tries to guide us in the right direction, but other than that, we think for ourselves. Or at least I do. It's not like He says "ALL MUST BELIEVE IN ME BECAUSE I SAY SO".....No, we believe in him if we want to.

  • No, God does not force us to believe.

    We are not forced to believe anything. We have the choice on whether we want to believe in God or not. If you don't believe in God, or Heaven and hell, then there is no reason to worry about where your soul will go after you die. God is a being, he is not human. He can't tell us what we need to do. We get that through the church.

  • GOD Forces no one.

    Just go back to the Garden of Eden. He put that tree there so we could Choose. Love which God wants can only be attained by Freedom of Choice. Abraham was counted as righteous because he Believed. All people are saved it says in romans because they believed and trusted in Christ. Yes its true,by ourselves we could never trust in Christ but God gives us the Grace that we MIGHT believe. We exercise that faith to believe or not. Very clear in ephesians and romans.

  • We Have Free Will!!!

    The only person who actually forces you would be the wanna be evangelist who seeks to ruined your day by attempting to make you feel bad about yourself. As always there are consequences to our actions. If a couple had sex outside of marriage and they appeared before the entrance of a church. I would expect them to be incinerated before the camera man or pastor if they managed to get far. I think this would be the camera man's calling for chasing lighting. The point is people who claim to be the servants can attempt to force you, however God himself won't. The consequences for obeying him seems to only happen when we die, which doesn't really force anyone unless you are that concerned with the after life. If you are truly a man of science then this should not be your concern.

  • Called Free Will

    God doesn't force you to believe in Him and He lets you live your life any way you choose. But, He loves you enough to want to give you a chance to be saved and go to Heaven for eternity. He gave you free will to choose~ultimately the decision is yours, not His. You can continue to be a slave to Satan by being "free" or you can be truly free and choose God and eternal life.

  • "Let there be no compulsion in religion..."

    That is a verse from the Holy Qur'an. God has revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (saw), as WELL as the previous messengers, that the concept of FORCE, to bring people to religion and God, is PROHIBITED and is a SIN.

    A person's relationship with God is their own matter, and not others. You are not allowed to force someone in a relationship, right? Same thing with God.

    Religion is a system of a relationship between man and His creator. Just like any other relationship, you cannot force someone to love someone, even if the other person loves you.

    God loves everyone, but He tells His servants to not force the people to love HIM, God is the one who Wills a person to believe or not, if He sees they are worthy of being endowed by His love. No human has the power to make a person a believer, only God has that power.

    God only has allowed His servants to convey the message, NOT convert people.

    Convey and convert are two different things.

    Convey is the responsibility of humans, we convey the message of God, and if people accept it, good, if they don't, you leave them. That's it. Only God decrees the conversion of someone whom He wills.

    This is just the basic concept, but I am sure you get the point.

    Let there be no compulsion or force, in matters of faith and religion.

  • No, God does not force us to believe.

    I don't believe that God forces us to believe, because I happen to know that many people don't believe in God, and therefore God plays no role in those people's belief one way or the other. As far as they're concerned, there is no God. I believe that it's up to the individual to determine his/her belief in God and how he/she arrived at that belief.

  • No, God does not force us to believe.

    We are not forced to believe anything. We have the choice on whether we want to believe in God or not. If you don't believe in God, or Heaven and hell, then there is no reason to worry about where your soul will go after you die. God is a being, he is not human. He can't tell us what we need to do. We get that through the church.

  • No. People are naturally inclined to see order where none exists.

    We are like sheep that beg to be sheared.

    It is our will that we retain our right to be victimized by churches and governments.
    We follow promises of security and consolation, rather than evaluate moral issues logically.
    That's exactly why this website exists- to give a button to people who think, and a button to people who feel.

  • "God" is mythical.

    There is no good evidence the deities of any religion exist. However, even if one were to stipulate that a god existed, if it forced people to believe why would it not force everyone? 18% of the world's population is atheist or agnostic, and there are hundreds of religions in the world.

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