Does God hate people who practice homosexuality?

Asked by: Apokiliptik
  • Depends on the god

    If we're speaking on the god of the bible then the answer is a resounding YES. You can't really be more unloving to an individual than ordering them to be killed in the street by their neighbors chasing them down and pelting them with rocks. Many modern Christians have tried to manipulate their source texts to try and make it appear as though their deity is somehow no longer psychopathic toward gays but their efforts are really fruitless. There are other religious traditions however who don't have any particular stigma toward homosexuality such as Hellenism, so it really depends on which god you're speaking of.

  • Does God hate?

    I don't know! God IS a loving God, but in the Bible, he does say Man and Woman are for each other. Not Man and Man and Woman with Woman. God is a judgmental God, and also a merciful God. The Bible was created BY GOD, for he dictated his disciples on what to put in it.

  • God Hates Nobody.

    If we agree that God exists and cares for His people, then we must agree that God loves all His people equally. There is no definitive reason to suggest that God would love or hate homosexuals any more, or any less than any other type of person. Hatred toward the homosexual community comes from misguided believers, not God.

  • God loves everyone

    The Church teaches that we were all created in God's image and God doesn't make mistakes. Therefore, homosexuality isn't a mistake so God loves homosexual. Also, the Catholic Church doesn't preach that homosexuality is wrong, it preaches that homosexual sex is wrong (I personally think this doesn't make sense but that's a different argument). The main teaching of the Catholic Church is that homophobia is wrong, and we should follow the Golden Rule.

  • Don't listen to the bible!

    There is indeed a homophobic verse in the bible, ordering gays to death. But that does not mean it is god who said it. The bible was written by monks and Christians, not by God. Whoever wrote the bible did mix a bit of his own beliefs in it. In addition to that, the homophobic verse is a part of the old testament, before god made any contact with humans and before Jesus descended upon earth.

  • No, God does not.

    Homosexuality is not a choice. It's who you are attracted to, you were born that way. If you are a believer then you would know that God makes us, he made us the way we are and he will not harm us for the way that we were born and the way that we act..It's not harming anyone.

  • The answer in short is NO. God is all loving and gay people are no exception.

    Some people, like the Westboro Baptist church and the late Fred Phelps have come to their conclusion by butchering Scripture. The use passages such as "Essau have I hated" and rip it out of context. This verse is referring to the nation of Essau not individuals and "hate" in the Bible doesn't always mean what we mean by it. Jesus said you must "Hate your Father, mother, and brother" but he didn't mean literally hate. He was saying you must prefer and prioritize Jesus over everything else. He chose Israel over Essau is what the verse they use means essentially. If God hates gays then he hates fornicators, adulterers, thieves, liars, and all the rest too. Homosexual behavior is a sin but no more of a sin than any other.

  • The existence of a god is not a given.

    As there is no logically sound reason to believe a god exists, there is no valid reason to believe a god hates homosexual humans. Besides, according to the most popular definition of a god, it is an omnipotent, invulnerable, and immortal entity. Even if one did exist, there is no reason why it should have any emotion whatsoever, as there is nothing that can threaten its existence (except itself, which creates a contradiction between omnipotence and invulnerability).

  • God does not hate them only their actions.

    It is easily found in the Bible that it is true that God does indeed hate homosexuality but for every scripture noting His disapproval there is another which proves His love for all regardless of their Sexuality, Race, and Social Standing. Romans 5:8 - "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

  • God loves all people

    God has created every person on this earth to love them and treat them with grace and mercy. However this does not denote the fact that the Bible states that homosexuality is wrong. It is a sin like every other, and you must recognize the fact that it's wrong. But there is salvation for every single person ever.

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