• God is rational

    Science is knowledge gained by observation, God is indirectly observed through creation. Atheist are hypocrites if they say that you cannot believe in something you can't detect while supporting the existence of dark matter and dark energy. Just because God is an easy answer, doesn't mean he is irrational.

  • Yes

    Many people don't know but why was science invented?, It was created by the followers of God to understand Gods creations in the world, we use science to try to understand God and the world that much more, but it has been twisted today to fit only for evolution because people today have lost there touch with God.

  • Why not both?

    I believe that science and religion should be able to work together to better explain the inner-workings of our universe. Science has made results and facts that have upset the church in the past, when the church should have accepted and joined these ideas to the beliefs of the church. Humans aren't always right, so changing a small detail in the bible that, at the time, made sense, is completely unreasonable and should be implemented.

  • No Supernatural Required

    There is no place for the supernatural in science. Science concerns itself with what is observable, testable, repeatable and nothing supernatural fits that bill. That includes any god or deity, ghosts, goblins, magic, witchcraft, or any other mythical being or event. It doesn't take a scientist, just a rational thinker to see that God is not needed in science in any way.

  • No this is preposterous

    Here is one example. Science and math created a chair because "Hey boys and girls, we need to sit down on something less dirty." so they made a chair, not because god said "Hey don't sit on the floor that I made for you to walk on!" He didn't say anything actually. He hasn't said one word because HE ISN'T HERE! Do not mix the physical world with the spiritual world because in physics we have rules.

  • Faith is not science

    God is a product of man. God is a product if faith. Science doesn't use faith. Science uses facts and evidence. God lacks both of those things. Creationists don't get to put their unreason up on the same shelf with my reason. Your God has to go over there, on that shelf with Thor, Zeus and the Kraken.

  • Dark matter is a theory.

    Scientific theories have supporting evidence. It is not just a rough guess. Science is gathered from observation, inferring, and correcting itself when people find that something is false. God is only indirectly observed from creation, which radiation dating disproves. No one is sure if he exists, though science is true as if something untrue is found, it corrects itself.

  • Irrationality

    Science is used to find a rational reason for why something is the way it is. God is an irrational creation by mankind to easily answer a question with no easy or known solution. God is not able to prove anything because he has never shown his own existence, therefore he has no place in the process of determining why something is the way it is.

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