• God exists in our lives.

    God loves the world as the world itself is His very own creation. We are created in His image and henceforth we are His utmost beloved creation. In this case, the phrase "interfere" doesn't sound about right as a much more appropriate phrase would be "interact". The truth is our daily breath and our life is all by the love and grace of God. He is waiting for you to connect with Him and form a wholesome relationship with Him. That is the beauty and purpose of our life. :D

  • Yes, God constantly interacts with our world.

    God constantly interacts with out world. But he is not perfectly identical to the God portrayed in the Bible or any other religious book. God is more like nature imbued with intelligence, not necessarily a loving father, or adoring guardian. God is a teacher - but he is also a punisher - and his work can be found in everything: the genes of animals, a destructive eruptive volcano, a hurricane that slams into a populated coast. God is both the raiser and destroyer of human kind - and he has many motives. God is an intelligent being who is constantly engaging with the world.

  • Yes, God is everywhere.

    Yes, God interferes with our world, because he is a positive influence everywhere we go. God is apparent in the world, because there is order. It is not our world, it's God's world to begin with. He is always present in our lives, making sure that his plan is enacted. God is ever present. Not to interfere, but to effectuate his plan.

  • Yes he does

    I think God does interact with the world more than most people realise. I think at this stage he is kind of letting mankind become what he is becoming, at least of you believe in biblical prophesy. He does answer pairs and helps people but also I believe that the natural laws govern themselves to large degree

  • It is not possible

    Although I am an atheist, my main point is not that a higher power ("God") doesn't exist. Divine intervention just isn't possible. This is the material world, and the concept of a god is more abstract. How would a god cause tornadoes, for example? How would a god "will" the air to start spinning around? How would God be able to spark a chain of events on Earth? God cannot interfere with our actions, because we control our own bodies and thoughts without external influence or force. How would God create things? How would he "will" chemical reactions, chemical compounds, evolution, cell division, embryonic development, immune system response, etc.? It just isn't plausible.

  • God creates me Only

    God works as a creator and he granted all people the freedom so he can NOT interfere in their own lives. Everyone can do whatever he want whenever he need. God can NOT Stop violence, Terrorism ... etc. Even he can NOT stop me while i'm doing a mistake, he can NOT change my heart or my mind. So how can he interfere ???

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AinzerDancer11 says2014-01-14T03:05:17.050
This is true, obviously, to many religions, because god CREATED the world, and influences many people, he has to interact with the world.